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Cleaning Your Filter – Concepts of a Liver Detox

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I used to think that the idea of doing a detox was out of proportion and that clearing the body out should always happen naturally.  Because of the concept that the liver has the capability of naturally cleansing itself, I would think… why do I need to do a detox for the liver on top of it?

Until I saw a good friend do a liver detox.  Flushing out his liver changed everything from weight loss to mood.  So, from my research, I learned that cleaning out the liver every once in a while is probably a good thing.

In general, the liver is in charge of taking specific, digested nutrients from the stomach and sending it into the bloodstream.  The stomach is what digests the food and sends it to different areas of the body.  The nutrients that go to the liver are then filtered again and divided into the bloodstream according to what the body needs.  It is also in charge of holding and distributing water.  Generally, the liver works as a filter system and determines what the body needs and doesn’t need.  If the body needs it, into the bloodstream it goes.  If it doesn’t need it, than the water is sent to the gall bladder.

With this specific set of tasks with the liver is the idea that you really don’t want a clogged filter for the nutrient and water distribution.

To my surprise, I found that it is somewhat simple for the liver to become clogged.  If there are extra toxins or things that the body doesn’t need, it can get stuck in the liver because it doesn’t know how to distribute it to the right area.  Specifically, it’s been found that sugars, white flour, soda, hormone enhanced meat and dairy and deep fried foods lead to liver toxins in the body.  The problem is that eventually, the toxins and the extras don’t move to the gall bladder, but instead, begin cycling through the blood stream with no place to go.  The result of this includes weight gain, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and other off balances with the body.

If you want to try a liver cleanse, you can find several natural substances that can help.  One of the well known options is known as metabolics and includes natural substances that can clear out the system.  Herbal remedies are also combined in a mixture to help perform a filter cleansing of your liver.  Juice fasting, fasting on only vegetables and drinking water only for 48 hours can also all help to flush out the system.

With these options in mind, you can easily keep the liver cleansed out so it can continue to distribute the nutrients to the blood stream and water to the gall bladder.  The result will be better functioning of your entire system, and complete changes to your body that can provide you with better, natural health.

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