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Christmas and Your Health

Christmas Dinner

The Christmas season is often filled with endless holiday parties and get-togethers. While these functions can be fun to attend and host, the traditional foods served as these functions are often fatty, sugary, and all-together unhealthy. Combined with the stress of finishing your holiday shopping, the hangovers that follow those wild parties, and the bloat some feel after enjoying such holiday foods, many end the Christmas season feeling less than tip-top. Fortunately, by avoiding certain triggers, you can enjoy every moment of the holiday season and arrive in January feeling healthy and happy.

From fried chips and heavy dips, to fatty sausages and cheeses, many a Christmas buffet table is filled with foods that can make you feel unhealthy and unhappy. Furthermore, many of those foods will give you cravings that will bring you back to the table again and again. Particularly dangerous foods are those that spike your blood sugar, only to send it crashing down.

Fortunately, some seasonal foods are actually healthy for you, will leave you feeling full, and will save your waistline the pounds that so many pack on during the holiday season. Stick to lean meats like turkey and salmon when perusing the buffet table, and choose small snacks like trail mixes and dried fruits, rather than indulging in a pile of greasy potato chips. Other healthy options include olives, pickles, and baked crackers.

Though it can be difficult to resist the allure of the delicious Christmas cocktails, you may want to consider limiting your consumption of such drinks. If you simply can’t hold back, substituting a mixed-drink for red or white wine can ease the pain of your hangover the next morning. It’s also a good idea to enjoy a few snacks when consuming alcohol, as they will help absorb the alcohol you’re consuming. Drinking large amounts of water before and after consumption will also help to reduce the effect of the alcohol.

In addition to the temptation so many party revelers experience, the holiday season can be a stressful period. To cut down on your stress level, it is imperative to spend time doing things you enjoy. One great pastime to consider is physical activity. Exercise is a great way to eliminate unnecessary stress, and will keep you in great shape, while providing you with an outlet for releasing pent up energy or anger. Furthermore, be sticking with your exercise routine throughout the holidays, losing the extra weight you may have picked up at the buffet table will be a piece of cake, no pun intended.

By eliminating sugary and fatty foods that can trigger mood swings, and being certain to partake in regular physical activity, you’ll have a happier and more enjoyable holiday experience. Furthermore, by enjoying the Christmas traditions in moderation, you’ll be able to stay in great shape, while avoiding the depression so many experience after gaining weight during the holidays. You’ll also feel healthier by following such guidelines, which will give you the stamina to survive the cold winter months ahead.

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  • selenar December 2, 2011, 5:00 pm

    cocktails are always the killer for me…I’ve found voli though that is a light vodka with very low calories and is also infused with electrolytes…any other recommendations?

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