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Chemical Peel

chemical peel

Chemical peel or derma peeling is best known for improving skin appearance. It is actually a technique used in applying a chemical based solution to the skin, which dries up quickly within an hour killing all the semi-active cells on the top layer of the skin. Later, you can peel this dried chemical substance off the face resulting into regeneration of new skin which is much smother and softer.

Chemexfoliation gives you a skin which is less wrinkled and far better than the old skin and for a while this new skin will remain sensitive to the sun light and dust particles as it is new and fragile. Generally light haired and fair skinned people go for this type of chemical peeling. This technique is commonly performed to reduce fair or medium lines under the eyes and near the mouth, sun damaged areas of the face including mild scars, a few types of acne and pregnancy scars.

There are certain side effects as the skin color may change temporarily or permanently to a brownish color and if the woman was taking birth control pills the subsequent pregnancy with brownish discoloration of the face may develop into abnormal pigmentation.

Therefore, it is very important to consult your doctor prior to the chemical peel as he/she can suggest avoiding certain drugs and can also prescribe certain oral antibiotics to prepare for the peel in advance as once its done, you will have to use broad spectrum sunscreen almost daily.

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