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Cell Phone Radiation and Health Risks

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The risks of cell phones have been discussed by professionals for many years and cell phone radiation and its link to cancer is usually the most talked about concern. With so many people in the world now using mobile phones, it is not only business men who are listening to the opinions of the professionals.

Cell Phone Radiation
The problem with mobile phones is that they are designed to transmit radio waves in order to pick up a signal. Now not only are the radio waves emitted into the air but they are also emitted in the direction of the mobile users head. When this happens they can be absorbed by the body tissues. This is what has led many people to believe that there is a link between mobile phones and cancer. Whether cell phones and cancer can be linked together is an on-going debate with many professionals arguing the decision. This has led many people to wonder whether mobile phone radiation is a real threat or not, although most people still continue to use their cell phone.

Studies into Cell Phones and Health Risks
Over the past fifteen years, numerous studies have been completed by professionals to find out if mobile phones and health risks can be linked together. On the whole these studies have been inconclusive as the results seem to change quite drastically depending on the test. The latest test conducted by Denmark’s Institute of Cancer Epidemiology found there was no long term evidence that mobile phones and cancer could be related. However on the opposite side of the coin, the World Health Organisation has recently spoken out saying that they believe there is a strong link between cell phones and health risks.

Are Cell Phones Dangerous?
The problem with most of the studies into the link between cell phones and cancer is that the test subjects were all adults. Whilst no-one has conclusively proven that mobile phones and health risks can be linked together, no-one has performed any studies on children. Although the long term effects on adults are inconclusive, no-one knows for sure whether there could be a link between cell phones and health risks in children.

Children are thought to be at a much higher risk of cell phone radiation as they are known to absorb much more radiation than an adult due to them having thinner skulls and smaller heads. Researchers believe that children could absorb up to 10 times more mobile phone radiation than adult and whilst there is no conclusive answer to “are cell phones dangerous” many professionals are advising parents to limit their child’s mobile phone usage or restrict it altogether.

Whilst overall there is no conclusive evidence that links cell phones and health risks together, professionals do advise people to be cautious about the amount of time they spend using a mobile until conclusive evidence for either side of the debate is available. Health professionals advise parents to encourage their children to text rather than call, and to use speakerphone or a hands free kit if they do make a phone call. This stops the handset from being placed against the head and is thought to limit the amount of cell phone radiation that is absorbed.

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