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Causes Treatment And Information About Night Sweats

woman experiencing night sweats

Night Sweats or otherwise known as Sleep Hyperhidrosis is a condition that describes the occurrence of massive sweating while sleeping. The individual suffering from this condition will more often find their bed, sheets and bed clothes soaking in sweat the moment they wake up.

Although this condition is not a serious one yet it is known to be very uncomfortable for anyone who has this affliction. Patients may experience trouble in sleeping as they will be continuously awakened due to damp sheets or clothes brought about by too much sweating during sleep.

Night Sweating may come at any age, but mostly it is seen among individuals in their early stages of adulthood.

Medical studies have proven what causes Night Sweating and here are the main causes:
1. Menopause – having massive sweating at night can be caused by hot flashes that a woman may experience brought on by the menopausal event. This usually becomes the reason for most cases of night sweats among women in their perimenopausal stages.

2. Idiopathic hyperhidrosis – It’s a condition that describes a body that produces massive amounts of sweat without any known reason thus far about its causes.

3. Infections – Night sweats can also become a symptom of such dreaded virus such as the AIDS virus and Cancer, typically Night Sweats is considered as one of the early signs of cancer. Also it can come from the infection that originated from other condition like tuberculosis and endocarditis, a condition that describes the inflammation of the valves of the heart. This is the reason why even though night sweats are not a serious condition, it is still important to immediately seek medical help after experiencing it because of the possibility that it is just a symptom of a much serious medical disease.

4. Medications – Taking a particular medication can also cause night sweating as its side effect. In patients who are found to be healthy and are not suffering from other diseases and are not showing any signs of infection, doctors concludes that some medications are the cause. It is proven that anti-depressant medications are mostly the culprit in triggering night sweats with about 9 to 23% or individuals taking this medication ending up with a bout of night sweats.

5. Hypoglycemia – a condition caused by having a low amount of blood glucose can also cause night sweating. More common of these are people who are suffering from diabetes.

6. Disorders in Hormone pattern – night sweating can also occur with such hormonal disorders such as carcinodi syndrome, hyperthyroidism and pheochromocytoma.

7. Neurological conditions – Individuals who suffers from such condition like post traumatic syndrome, autonomic neuropathy or patients who just came from a stroke also develops night sweating.

Treatment of Night sweats varies as it depends on the cause of the condition. It is important to see a doctor once it is detected because on some cases Night Sweats is a symptom of other more serious conditions like cancer and diabetes. Also in some instances night sweats also happens alongside a bout with fever and rapid weight loss.

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  • melissa March 30, 2011, 11:28 pm

    my night sweats are very severe what can i do to fix this problem

  • David Horlor July 20, 2011, 12:10 am

    G’day,September the 3rd 2010 i had double bypass an 5 graphtings i’m also an Abestosis victim.Ever since i had heart surgery i’ve been suffering with massive night sweats where my pillows an sheets are soaked from the sweats,anyone would think that somebody had thrown a bucket of water over me thats how bad the night sweats are.Can you tell me if these night sweats are because of the above.
    David Horlor

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