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Causes of Delayed Ejaculation

man suffering from delayed ejaculation

Delayed ejaculation is a terrible problem that can affect men. Just as with premature ejaculation, the causes of delayed ejaculation can be numerous. If the causes are physical, they can generally be treated. Often, delayed ejaculation is caused by certain prescribed medicines and it is possible for a medical professional to suggest a different type of medication.

SSRIs are a group of medicines that are often prescribed for depression. These are known to cause problems with achieving an erection and retarded ejaculation. Very often, these effects can be counteracted by other medications, including:
• Yohimbine, which is used to treat erectile dysfunction.
• Amantadine, which is used to treat possible viral infections.
• Buproprion, which is a nicotine replacement therapy.

These are all known to reduce the erectile problems, as well as problems ejaculation that are caused by SSRIs. However, if you prefer not take any additional medication, there are a number of other things you can do.

Sex Therapy
Sex therapy is an intricate form of therapy that looks at making changes in a person’s sex life, as well as using psychotherapy. The therapy is designed to increase the enjoyment that is received from sex, thereby making ejaculation a lot easier. Finding a sex therapist, however, can be a bit difficult since it is not – yet – a popular form of therapy. This is mainly because people find it difficult to discuss these highly personal problems with a therapist.

However, sex therapy isn’t just about talking about sex. You will also discuss and psychological or emotional issues you are facing, which may not seem related to your sexual issues directly. A lot of activities will be suggested to you and you will try these out at home. No sex therapist will ask you to take part in any form of sexual activity during the session.

Sex Therapy Activities
There are a number of commonly suggested activities that you could try at home immediately, without having to go see a sex therapist that are known to be very effective for people who have difficulty ejaculating. These exercises aim to make sex more exciting and comfortable, thereby making the mind-set more sexual and often resolving some of the problems. Some of these include:
• Using sex toys, which greatly increase pleasure.
• Watching pornographic materials, which increase sexual stimulation feelings.
• Using jellies and lubricating creams, which make the act of sex more comfortable and hence more enjoyable.
• Enacting sexual fantasies and performing role play games with your partner, which make sex more exciting.

Other Treatment for Retarded Ejaculation
More often than not, men do not need any form of delayed ejaculation treatment. This is because they are still able to enjoy sex so long as delayed ejaculation does not negatively affect their overall mental and physical health. However, it can become a real problem if men are trying to father a child, in which case treatment may be needed. Often, medication is then prescribed to increase the strength of the muscles that are found around the neck of the bladder. One type of medication that has proved very effective is pseudoephedrine. This is actually a decongestant.

Unfortunately, if it seems that retarded ejaculation is caused by damage to the nerves, muscles or tissue, no treatment may be possible. These are quite common delayed ejaculation causes and need to be diagnosed by a medical professional. If a man still wants to have children in this case, he will have to consider in-vitro fertilization or artificial insemination for instance.

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