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Causes and Prevention of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)

Prevention of deep vein thrombosis

When you hear of someone suffering from deep vein thrombosis it is more than likely that you will think of long distance flights and them sitting still for hours on end. There are a lot of different causes of DVT and if you know you are high risk there are certain things that you can do about it.

Who is at Risk?
Age is a factor and if you are over 40 you become a higher risk. Immobility of all sorts is an issue so although flying can be a cause so can the need to relax after an operation. Family history and your past will be a concern as you will be at a higher risk of developing DVT if you have had a clot before or if your family has a history of them.

If you are very overweight, this can be a cause of deep vein thrombosis and cancer sufferers will find that they then become more susceptible. Pregnancy and the contraceptive pills are also connected to deep vein thrombosis and anyone with heart or circulation problems will see themselves put in the high risk category.

There are a number of ways to treat DVT and they are not all expensive. For travellers who are likely to be seated for 4 hours or more, compression socks are ideal. As one of the causes of deep vein thrombosis is being still for so long allowing the legs to swell, the socks will help combat this. It is also likely that anyone who has had a deep vein thrombosis will be told to wear them each day for two years afterwards.

Symptoms of DVT
After a long journey your legs and ankles will often be swollen. This can be a sign of DVT, but if you do not have any pain or problems putting weight on it you may find the swelling just goes down and it is not serious. The area could be red and feel very hot regardless of the weather.

How to Prevent DVT
For a long time it was believed that taking aspirin would help prevent blood clots but this is becoming less popular advice. Making changes to your lifestyle will lessen the chances of developing DVT so if you are overweight try to lose some and for smokers this is yet another reason to quit.

Tips for Travellers
If you are able to, make sure that you walk around on the plane or the train. If this is not possible certainly make sure that you move your legs around as much as possible. Drink plenty of water and avoid alcohol until you arrive.

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