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Cancer Causing Product Myths

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Over the years, there have been many wide spread myths regarding various products, that have been said to cause cancer. Every day items we use have been accused of causing this devastating medical condition, but research tells us these are nothing more than myths. Scientists and doctors have discovered no link between these products, and any type of cancer. Here are just a few of the myths that have been squashed, for your peace of mind.

Deodorant has been the subject of much scrutiny, after some have claimed that the aluminum, found in virtually all antiperspirants, causes cancer. This myth surfaced a decade ago, and still claims that certain deodorants cause breast cancer in women, as a result of the parabens and other chemicals. Researchers have found no such link, nor any reason to suggest such a link is even possible.

Artificial sweeteners were attacked by the calorie conscious, after word of cancer found in the bladder of test rats surfaced. The harmful additives once used in artificial sweeteners, that have been proved dangerous, have long been removed from the market. A ban on these types of additives is also in place, making this a modern day myth. Researchers have found no link to artificial sweeteners, and any medical condition, cancer or otherwise.

Hair dye has also been the subject of debate, regarding it’s influence on cancer development. A study that found cancer in salon employees long ago resulted in the ban of certain chemicals, which have been out of the market for quite some time. Increased exposure to harmful chemicals is strongly cautioned, but those which have been known to cause cancer have been banned by scientists.

Bras have been another concern for women, after a myth quickly spread warning them that those who wore bras were more likely to develop cancer. This was credited to toxic build up in the breasts, aided by bras. However, no link has ever been proved, and researchers say the myth is disproved easily. Studies that included women with breast cancer were higher in those with larger amounts of body fat, which are those who would be more likely to wear a bra. Women with little body fat may not wear bras as often, which is why it is easy to confuse the link between between cancer and bras. No research has ever proven a clear, medical link between the two.

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