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British Paid to Have Disabled Kids

Would you want your next child to be disabled? No?

Well, they do in England. Because their government pays big subsidies to parents of kids that are physically impaired or have low intelligence. Of course, they don’t call it a subsidy, it’s referred to as Social Security. All paid for by the taxpayer.

These benefits amount to big money, especially when you include the Mobility Scheme: a free car with all expenses paid except petrol. Combine that with the free-of-charge National Health Service, and what do you get? You get women queuing up for artificial insemination. But they aren’t looking to have a child fathered by a genius or an Olympic champion. Oh no, they’re mostly looking for donors of low intelligence.

Dr Mohammed Patel of St James’ Teaching Hospital in Leeds, Yorkshire told us: “Most patients opt for low intelligence rather than massive physical disability for one simple reason. Low maintenance. Let’s face it, a kid with the same intelligence as a vegetable can be left to its own devices with little attention required, whereas physical disability usually means lots of heavy lifting and tiresome conversations.”

Mr Andy Burnham, the government minister in charge of the Health Service said: “It’s easy to be cynical. But we are striving for a fair society and do not accept stereotyping. We must support disadvantaged people, and we will not be deflected from this even if our policies mean that more parents have disabled children.”

British disabled kid

Editor: This article has been rewritten. The initial form available above was posted as a guest-post by the previous owner of this website. We do not share the same opinion with the guest-poster an decided to rewrite the article. Thank you to all our readers for signaling us the problem.

As a Brit living in England, I would like to inform all of the readers of Healthadel.com that the above article about British disabled kids is completely untrue. No woman in her right mind in the UK or in any other country would visit a sperm bank and specifically ask to be inseminated with an unhealthy sperm in order to have disabled children whether physical or mental.

After contacting the St James’ Teaching Hospital in Leeds I discovered that no doctor by the name of Dr Mohammed Patel works or has worked at the hospital and the hospital were quick to let me know that they do not condone the words that have been shared in the previous version of this article. In fact I was clearly told that the views expressed in the article are not the views of anyone who works at the Leeds Teaching Hospitals. Furthermore Mr Andy Burnham who was quoted in the article does also not agree with what has been said and is shocked that such cruel words would be published online.

So why has the above article come to light? In the United Kingdom there are laws in place to help disadvantaged children. The parents of British disabled children are given extra help by the government in the form of Disabled Living Allowance. This consists of a small amount of money per week depending on the level of disability that the child has. You will find that a child will receive around £20 a week for a mild disability and £75 a week for a severe one. This money goes towards providing extra care for a child and is, in the grand scheme of things, not a lot of money.

A similar system is in place to support the elderly and adults with any form of disability. No-one specifically goes to a sperm bank with the aim of having a disabled child purely for these “hand outs” and there is no such system in place that even allows this – such a thing would be illegal and would never be allowed to continue. And even if it was allowed the hand outs that the parents of British disabled children receive are hardly enough to care for the child let alone enough to live a “good life” on.

Every parent who has a child wants one thing – them to be healthy. To even think that people would visit a sperm bank with the hope of giving birth to a disabled child is ridiculous. Yes there are things in place to help the disabled in the United Kingdom and this is a GOOD thing! The money the parents of disabled children receive goes towards paying for things such as special schooling, care at home and equipment around the home to make theirs and their child’s life easier. The money does not go towards lining their own pockets out of greed. I am not sure who wrote the initial version of this article but claiming that people purely have disabled kids for the benefits it brings has clearly never been to the UK or had children of their own. It is a complete disgrace.

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  • Chris Davis December 14, 2009, 7:45 pm

    This is the trouble with the UK, always determined to lavish money on unproductive people while driving proper people abroad with their high taxes.

  • Sarah December 14, 2009, 7:53 pm

    England, thats in Alabama right?

    Do you know if this is available in California also? Me and my husband are struggling with the credit crunch, having a disabled kid would really help us out if we could get some cash for it. How much do you get per month?

    The free car sounds totally awesome :) Do you think maybe a 2009 Mercedes S-Class (leather interior, chrome rims) would be out of the question?

    • MelonChoaly February 16, 2012, 1:53 pm

      funny thing is, yes it would, you don’t get a choice of vehicle, and did i mention that you have to pay approximately $24,000 for it? and the government pay £300 of it? ha ha, free car, yeah, i suggest you read more well informed articles sir.

      Also, when you plan having a disabled child, bear in mind that (if your child is like my brother) your child will be in immense physical pain, 24 hours a day, also he will have an oesophagus that takes food and drink directly to his lungs, also i should mention the constant chest infections, 5 pneumonia attacks a year, and there will be approximately 30 chances he’ll die in his sleep, every night, unless you sleep by him and wake him when he suffers from sleep apnea, also, you’ll get £300 off your £17,000 car, so you’ll have to save up for that, also, you’ll get the same benefit an unemployed person gets, plus £40 a week, but don’t get excited now, you’ll spend most of your money on fuel taking your child to the many hospital appointments and driving 100 miles a day to the nearest special school. Also, after you’ve seen him cut up many times, operated on endlessly and had him cry and howl in pain knowing he can’t speak and tell you whats wrong, i’ll ask you if it was worth wishing for a disabled child for your free money. Mock if you will sire, but there is no price on health. Feel glad you were born with two legs, two arms and fully working organs, despite your heart of course, clearly they left that out at skynet.

  • kenyara mcduffie December 14, 2009, 8:42 pm

    Thats really messed up that they would pay people to have disabled kids they are some fuckin bitches i swear i hate british people.! they are disgusting to me they can eat my pussy and go to hell…! I HATE YOU PEOPLE YAWL ARE A DISCRASE TO MY NATION.! YA DIIIIIGGGGG.!

  • Jackie, UK February 25, 2010, 10:24 am

    This is just not true. I live here and I know it is not the case. Yes, the Government supports disadvantaged childen, just as it supports old people, but there are no free cars, free petrol or free artificial insemination from moronic donors. Oh, and to Kenyara – thanks be to God that you live several thousand miles away from us.

    • Robin June 22, 2011, 1:28 am

      Nicely said. Being a parent of a disabled child, with no planning for that intended, commend you for your maturity.

    • Anon. February 16, 2012, 2:26 pm

      Absolutely Jackie! We British do whatever is best for anybody – we don’t specifically choose disabled children and to be honest anyone, ANYWHERE, who does that is a sick, twisted person.

  • jamalshah March 4, 2010, 8:16 am

    i am student and the majior thing is that i am disabled my foot is like footbal i do not describe my disability in words if you want i send picture of my foot. i am froom pakistan i am belonging to a poor family we are 4 brothers and 4 sisters we do not take education rightly please help me in my problem or send money for me.

  • vikki smith September 7, 2010, 1:12 pm

    im sorry i have a disabled child and i would give anything and i mean anything for my son to be normal !! how can anyone want there child to be disabled ??????????????
    my son has a physical disablity and yes i get dla (disabled living allowance) for my son.
    i do think the system is wrong though as my friend gets it also for a daugther who is just naugthly at school and plays up and to be honest a lack of proper parenting !!!
    but as to say people r wanting disabled children is wrong, no person would want that ! like u said a child that has the iq of a veg, will grow into a adult which they will still have to look after ! no one but a very sick sad person would WANT a disabled child..!!!

  • sheridan brown May 4, 2011, 6:49 pm

    this topic has just proven to me how ignorant americans really are, i know a family that has help from the goverment because her son is disabled and you can see how it helps, it helps pay for things a woman with an able child wouldnt due to expensive care and treatment here, a family or single parent will reccive free care for things that are just way to expensive to be expected to come from there own pocket,if your going to criticise anything criticise the system, helping the elderly and disabled is about the only good thing theyve done for our country, americans can s*** b****

  • jerri May 31, 2011, 6:16 am

    I dont think its funny nd its hard work I have two disable kids and um struggling everyday i dont have a job um disable me and my husband going thru problems,i just lost my house to a house fire in august.now me and my 6kids live in a two bedroom mobile home now if they giving out help i need some

  • Katherine Smith June 20, 2011, 7:40 pm

    It’s no wonder the world agrees that the Americans are stupid. The article & comments left are among the most ignorant & I’ll informed i’ve ever read. How do you honestly suppose one creates a disabled child? You people make me sick. I am so proud to be from the UK where people in need of additional help due to circumstances outwith their control are given just that. Trust me, it’s not money for nothing. It ensures the families of disabled children are able to work to reach that child’s best potential.

    Shame on you USA. Yet again you have embarrassed yourselves with your greedy, selfish attitudes.

  • Wes September 22, 2011, 8:16 pm

    Wow this is a shocking post and some of the comments on here are so dispicable that I honestly cannot believe they have been published. Why on earth a health site has something as ignorant and untrue as this online is beyond me, and why they have allowed such rude, racist and ignorant comments is even worse.

  • Keith October 10, 2011, 7:00 pm

    I have to agree with Wes, this article is a blatant lie and I have forwarded a link to this website to Dr Patel, I doubt his quote is accurate or even existant – that is if the doctor even exists. I am also incredibly shocked at the amount of horrible comments seemingly implying that disability is something to profit from or laugh at. Grow up!

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