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Breast Reduction Surgery Information

Simona Halep before and after breast reduction

Breast reduction is a common step taken by many women most commonly as a result of larger sized breasts during pregnancy that tend to grow even after the child is born. Also popular for personal appearance improvement with both female and male breast reduction.

A plastic surgeon can treat this enlargement with a mammoplasty surgical procedure that would take around 3 to 4 hours depending upon the size, amount of tissue and shape of the breast. Nipple surgery can also be performed to reduce the size of areola.

During the surgery, the nipples and areola are lifted to a certain level and the extra amount of skin flap is refolded beneath and around the breast leaving the stitches around the nipple and areola in vertical and horizontal lines.

Once the surgery is completed you would find your breasts in bandages for almost two days as the breasts will be swollen, sore and bruised and you will be given pain killers by the surgeon. The total recovery would take as long as 3 to 4 weeks and is highly recommended not carry or lift any heavy objects. You will most likely be advised to wear a special surgical soft bra until your stitches are removed.

Complications noticed in breast reduction surgery are of infections, surgical errors or misuse of surgical instruments. Needless to stay these can lead to severe consequences so make sure you take to time to fully think through having the operation.

The Romanian tennis player, Simona Halep, ranked at World No. 4 at the time of this update, is probably one of the most famous sports stars that has undergone a breast reduction surgery. Her chest developed to a big size during puberty and reached a size that started proved to be uncomfortable and performance hindering. Halep decided that only a mammoplasty could help her to successfully pursue her professional tennis dreams. Time proved that she took the wise decision and her career is continuing and impressive uptrend towards the top spot of the WTA rankings!

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