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Best Water Flosser for Perfect Dental Hygiene

man using the Waterpik water flosser

Dental hygiene is incredibly important. Most of us know this and most of are quite good at keeping up with a dental program. We use a good toothbrush with good toothpaste, brush our teeth for two minutes twice per day (not after every meal), we floss and we go to our dentist twice a year for a checkup. However, it is now becoming increasingly popular to use a water flosser. I would like to take this opportunity to explain what a water flosser is, how it works and what its benefits are, and to then take some time looking at a specific model of water flosser: the Waterpik flosser.

What Is a Water Flosser and How Does it Work?
A water flosser is also known as an oral irrigator, a water pick or a dental water jet. They are devices that are used at home and it uses a jet of water to remove food debris and plaque from the teeth as well as just under the line of the gum. This improves overall dental health and hygiene. Basically, using a water flosser for healthy gums is a great idea, which in turn leads to better breath as well.

Many people only use a water flosser for plaque removal. Once the plaque has been removed, they put the flosser away again and don’t use it anymore until more plaque has appeared. However, it should actually be used all the time and could even be used as a replacement to dental flossing. Water flossers have been around since the early 1960s and since then, many different scientific studies have shown that the system is effective for people with all sorts of dental issues. Water flosser benefits are vest, as the system works better than flossing in terms of reducing gingivitis, bleeding and plaque.

So how do you use it? Basically, all that is needed is a three second treatment. The pulsating water at medium pressure then removes 99.9% (as close to 100% as is scientifically possible) of plaque from the areas.

The Waterpik Flosser
It is widely agreed that the best water flosser is the Waterpik flosser. This is but one of the various types of water flossers, but certainly the Waterpik flosser is the one that is recommended by dentists. It is a flosser that is very easy to use and classed as the most efficient water flosser. It can be used by people who have implants or braces, bridges or crowns and even periodontal pockets.

One of the reasons why this is classed as the best water flosser is that it is the only one that has gone through all the necessary clinical tests. This cord or cordless water flosser reduces plaque, gum disease and gingivitis.

The benefits of the Waterpik flosser include:
• Removing 99.9% of all plaque in just a three second application.
• More effective than dental floss by 50% and more effective than air floss by 80%.
• Removing bacteria from the gum line and other areas that traditional brushing can’t reach.
• Massages the gums so that circulation is improved, keeping the gums healthy and strong.
• Leaves people feeling like they have a clean and fresh mouth.
• Guarantees to give healthier teeth and gums in just two weeks

So, you shouldn’t just use a water flosser for teeth, although your teeth will look great. After all, one of the great benefits of water flosser for plaque removal is that they remove the plaque and hence leave your teeth brilliant and white. However, what is more important is the effect they have on your gums. Having clean and healthy gums also leave the teeth cleaner and your breath fresher. It doesn’t matter which type of water flosser you pick, as long as you pick one.

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