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Best Treatments and Home Remedies for Athlete’s Foot

athlete’s foot itch

Athlete’s foot can be a real nuisance to sufferers because the itch can be bad enough to disrupt a person’s daily activities. Imagine a sufferer’s embarrassment when he/she needs to scratch his/her feet to relieve it, or when the person wears sandals and the tell-tale red rashes between the toes will declare you a sufferer and a “don’t come near me” zone. Although athlete’s foot can be mistaken for other types of foot rashes, the most common athletes’ foot causes are fungi, particularly the tinea pedis.

Athlete’s foot can be acquired by taking baths in public bathrooms, walking barefoot, and wearing the shoes of a person who has it. It is highly contagious and can easily infect people who have thin or damaged skin on the feet.

Signs and Symptoms
Athlete’s foot signs include scaly red rashes that can be found in between the webs of the feet. In its initial stages, athlete’s foot looks irritated, swollen and red. As the infection progresses, the rash spreads and the infected skin starts to flake out.

Athlete’s foot symptoms include an unexplainable itch that occurs in between the webs of the feet. If you also see that the skin on the webs of your feet is peeling, take it as a symptom of athlete’s foot. Any bumps, scales, or general redness on the webs of your feet should be taken as athlete’s foot symptoms. To properly diagnose your skin condition, ask for a skin biopsy from your dermatologist.

An anti-fungal cream would most likely be administered by your dermatologist. Use it according to your dermatologist’s prescription. Athlete’s foot treatment can also include the use of anti-bacterial/fungal foot powder, itch relieving creams, and scrubs that help peel off the dried and infected skin. Athlete’s foot home remedies include the use of baking soda and salt that is mixed with water. Regularly soak your feet in such a solution. Anti-fungal soaps can also be used when taking baths.

Athlete’s foot can be prevented by going to the bathroom with slippers on, whether or not it is a public bathroom. Don’t let other people use your slippers or shoes. If you waded through dirty water or flood waters outdoors, soap your feet thoroughly and pat dry once you get home. Always wear clean socks and make it a point to clean your shoes at least once every two weeks.

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    Some of the common symptoms of athlete’s foot are red rashes, irritation and swelling in between feet.

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