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Best Tips for Getting Pregnant Fast

Couple relaxing to get pregnant fast

Many people nowadays are choosing to start a family but most do not realise that it is not an instant process. For the reason we have compiled a list of tips for getting pregnant fast. These are all aimed at increasing your likelihood of conceiving the child you have dreamed of. We suggest you to carefully read all 13 pregnancy tips and you will be better prepared to increase the size of your family.

1. Have a Check-up
Speaking to your doctor is often a great way to get all the pregnancy information you need and have a check up to make sure your body is functioning as it should. You should tell your doctor about any irregularity in your periods and let them know if you or your partner have ever had chlamydia. If you have not had or been inoculated against measles now would be the ideal time to do so.

2. Track Your Fertility Cycles
When trying to conceive, knowing when you are going through ovulation can help increase your chances significantly. The optimum conception time is usually from days 9 to 14 in a cycle, with day 1 being the first day of your period.

3. Have Sex Every Day during Ovulation
To increase your chances of getting pregnant it is best to have sex every day during ovulation. This is one of the best tips for getting pregnant as it gives viable sperm at least five days to reach the egg at its peak time.

4. Look for Signs of Fertility
You know your body better than anyone so if you are wondering how to get pregnant fast you should monitor your body’s changes as it passes through the menstrual cycle phases. This includes the position of your cervix, the amount of cervical discharge and your body temperature.

5. Invest in an Ovulation Kit
By trying to work out your own ovulation cycle you could end up mistaking when you are most fertile. Investing in an ovulation kit is an ideal getting pregnant tip as it can help you to decipher when you are most fertile.

6. Folic Acid
Number six on our tips for getting pregnant list is folic acid. Folic acid can be found in leafy greens and cereals and is a great B vitamin to take both before and after conception.

7. Iron
Iron is another essential mineral to add to your diet. Studies have shown that women without sufficient iron levels may suffer anovulation (lack of ovulation) and possibly poor egg health, which can inhibit pregnancy at a rate 60% higher than those with sufficient blood iron levels. Studies have also shown that low iron levels very early on in pregnancy may lead to problems in babies’ brain development.

8. Healthy Eating
Healthy eating is recommended even before you start thinking about getting pregnant and research has shown that a healthy, balanced diet can increase your likelihood of conception. Important vitamins to try and include are vitamin B12 and vitamin A. Being at a healthy weight also increases your chances of getting pregnant as the more overweight you are the harder it can be.

9. Relax
If you are looking for tips on getting pregnant it is likely that you are feeling stressed. This can lead to feelings of depression and anxiety if not curbed and neither of these are good for fertility. Try taking some time out and having a little “me” time to revitalise and relax.

10. Don’t Try too Hard
We know it can be stressful to see friends getting pregnant instantly but if you worry too much and turn your sex life into some kind of military operation you will end up losing sight of the enjoyment of sex. Number 9 in out getting pregnant tips is don’t try too hard as performance anxiety can lead to stress (see tip number 8) and can lead to strains in your relationship.

11. Go for the Missionary Style
It might be classed as being boring but the missionary style does put you in the best position for conception as it allows the deepest penetration and the least amount of “wastage”.

12. Foreplay
This is one of the more fun getting pregnant tips and should be used instead of artificial lubrication. Artificial lubrication can greatly reduce your chances of conception so take the time to please each other before full on sex to get the best results.

13. Quit Smoking
If you are looking into getting pregnant, quitting smoking should be one of the first tips for getting pregnant that you do. Not only can smoking affect the development of your baby but it can also decrease your chances of conception.

14. Get a lot of Sleep
A lack of sleep can lead to menstrual irregularities which can in turn make it hard to work out when you are ovulating. A minimum of eight hours sleep is recommended if you are looking into how to get pregnant fast.

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