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Best Home Teeth Whitening Remedies

Home teeth whitening

People who resort to teeth whitening tend to have a less bright smile, and given the fact that according to today’s standards, the brighter the smile the better, self-consciousness drives them into searching for the best home teeth whitening remedies. However one should know that prevention is always more recommended as searching for remedies once the discoloring has been noticed. Because of today’s highly processed foods, it’s almost impossible to avoid teeth pallor.

But there is a way to delay this process and prevent accentuated discoloration. Follow a strict dental hygiene, brush your teeth and mouthwash daily as recommended.

Teeth stains can be resolved with a visit at the dentist, but since teeth change their color according to the foods eaten, even with proper care teeth become so stained they cannot acquire their old sparkle just through brushing with a regular tooth paste. And since going to the dentist multiple times is quite costly many people rely on teeth whitening at home.

The key element in all home teeth whiteners is peroxide. Peroxide is a bleaching agent that has no risks associated with the safety of the mouth, and works for home teeth whitening by creating bubbles on teeth enamel to remove stains. The efficiency of peroxide-based home teeth whitening products depends on the concentration level of peroxide, meaning that really high concentrations are essential for acquiring the best home teeth whitening remedies.

Home teeth whitening can be achieved by using special tooth pastes, bleaching strips, trays, and gels which can be found in supermarkets and at drugstores. In addition to commercially-made products for teeth whitening at home, there are also natural home remedies that can be used for teeth whitening, their results being sometimes even more effective than the home teeth whitening products available on the market.

The following are examples of bleaching agents and products from both categories that are popular amongst people who are used to trying teeth whitening at home:
• Teeth whitening can be achieved by using baking soda, one of the favorites amongst people who wish to use an inexpensive home teeth whitener. Use it alone on a damp toothbrush or mix it with your desired toothpaste to get rid of its specific salty taste.

• Hydrogen Peroxide is really renowned as one of the best home teeth whitening elements. It has no safety risks when gargling, yet precautions must be taken to avoid swallowing it.

• Teeth whitening strips are available in stores for people who desire simplicity of use for their teeth whitening products, yet the disadvantage of these easy-to-apply bleaching elements is that the results are uneven given the fact that teeth whitening at home using strips is not useful for removing the stains between the teeth.

• Another teeth whitening agent that people can try comes in the form of raw strawberries. Their teeth whitening compounds are effective, yet strawberries contain sugar and acids, so after brushing your teeth with crushed strawberries, it is recommended to use fluoride toothpaste afterwards.

Dr. Pedro Rodriguez, dentist in Chula Vista, contributed with useful information for this article.

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  • teeth May 31, 2014, 2:41 am

    All these products are in demand just because they are very
    easy to use. Many people suffer from poor body image
    because they are ashamed of the color of their teeth. On a yearly basis hundreds and hundreds
    if not lots of people teeth whitening mix to waste
    in excess of $10 billion with makeup teeth whitening techniques.

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