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Best Foods For Your Teeth

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If you don’t want to have any cavities and you want to make sure your teeth are clean and healthy, you need to consider your diet. What you eat and how regularly you eat is very important in this. As soon as you eat food, changes happen inside your mouth. The bacteria that we all carry convert sugars into acids. Acid, in turn, attacks the enamel in our teeth, which decays them. So, if you eat often, you expose your teeth to these attacks often as well.

Healthy Foods for Teeth
There are a number of foods for good teeth and oral health. The best foods for teeth include meat (chicken in particular), cheese, milk and nuts. All of these protect the enamel because they provider your body with calcium for strong bones and phosphor to provide new minerals. Other food for teeth includes crunch and firm fruits like pears and apples, and all sorts of vegetables. Fruits and vegetables have a lot of water in them which dilutes the sugar and helps you create more spit, making them great foods for teeth. Spit washes away foot particles and stops the enamel from eroding. A number of fruits and vegetables have high acid content, including lemons, tomatoes and other citrus fruits, so you should only eat these together with other healthy foods for teeth in order to minimize the acid.

Food for Teeth to Avoid
There are quite a number of foods you should avoid as much as possible. Candy is very bad, including mints by the way. Cookies, breads, pies, chips, raisins and bananas are also no good. Stay away from dried fruits because they are full of sugar. They can also get stuck to teeth, which is a breeding ground for all sorts of bacteria. Cough drops are also not to be used, because they actually totally coat the teeth in sugar.

Drinks for Healthy Teeth
The best drink to have for healthy teeth is water, unsweetened tea and milk. Anything with sugar (soft drinks, lemonade, tea or coffee with sugar) should be avoided. Sipping is also very bed. It is better to have a glass of drink in one go, rather than stretching it out through the day.

What about Replacing the Sugars?
There are a lot of sugar substitute products out there. These don’t behave in the same way as sugar and hence don’t feed the bacteria in our mouths. However, there is some suggestion about these products, including Aspartame and Saccharin not being healthy at all.It is best to east sugar free food where no sugar has been added at all.Do be aware that some sugar free food doesn’t mean it doesn’t contain any sugar, but simply that none has been added. Natural sugars will still be present.

What about Chewing Gum?
Chewing gum that contains no sugar is not only good, it is recommended. It helps to dislodge any pieces of food that have gotten stuck in your teeth. Chewing gum also increases the amount of saliva you produce. Good gum contains products that help reduce cavities and promote the healing process. However, do not chew gum if you have any problems with your jaws.

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  • Dental June 21, 2014, 9:03 am

    Food matters a lot to keep your teeth healthy. Thanks for sharing wonderful tips of what to eat and avoid for healthy and beautiful teeth. Keep posting.

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