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Best and Essential Baby Products

Mother with 3-in-1 puschair.

Having a baby is an expensive business, unfortunately. For such little people, they need an awful lot of baby products. It is likely that your midwife will tell you that a baby will be just as happy sleeping in a padded drawer as sleeping in a cot and that they will just as happily bath in a sink rather than a baby bath, but you will probably want the best of the best for your baby. Let’s take a look at some of the essentials and what you could consider purchasing.

Baby Nursery Products
The nursery requires a bed for the baby, a dresser with changing and a cabinet as a bare minimum. If you want to save on costs on your baby products, you could pick neutral colours, as the dresser can become a second cupboard when the baby grows up a little bit. Similarly, you can purchase a 3-in-1 bed, which starts as a crib, then builds into a cot and finally into a daybed. This is one of the best baby nursery products you will come across. You could easily keep this until your child is about six years old. You are also likely to need a baby monitor. It is now possible to purchase baby monitors that are full security systems, meaning you can see your child when they are in their room and it can even monitor their breathing.

Baby Care Products
Next, you will need a range of baby care products. This includes such mundane (but expensive) things as wipes and nappies. Choosing the best nappies depends entirely on your own personal preferences and there is no need to think the better known brands are actually of better quality. In terms of a baby bath, you could opt for the ever popular tummy-tub, where your baby basically sits in a bucket and once again adopts the foetal position, or you could simply get a little bath. Both of these cannot be used for very long as your child grows, so you could also opt to purchase a bath seat in which they can sit in your own bath.

Baby Feeding Products
Whether you are breastfeeding or bottle feeding, you will need a range of different baby feeding products. Breastfeeding mums will need specialty bras and bra pads and possibly and breast pump to express. If they do this, they will also need bottles to store the milk in and the necessary products to clean them. Bottle feeding mums need bottles, teats, sterilizing equipment and powdered milk.

Products for on the Go
Your baby won’t be stagnant, nor will you, so you need a range of products to be able to be on the go. A pushchair is the most important thing. Often, it is best to purchase a 3-in-1 pushchair, which holds a baby carrier that doubles as a car seat and that the child can grow into afterwards. You will, at some point, need a better car seat if you also drive. Make sure your pushchair comes with a “nappy bag”, in which you can store all your essential items like nappies, wipes, bottles of milk and so on. Test the pushchairs out, you will be pushing them around a lot and you must make sure you are comfortable with them.

Health and Safety
The last thing you must think about is health and safety. Maintaining the health and safety of your child – also known as baby proofing your home – is a huge job and you need to think of everything. Firstly, you need a hygienic way of disposing of nappies. Secondly, any sharp corners should be covered by baby furniture protection items so children can’t hurt their heads. Cupboards and drawers should be childproofed, meaning they are unable to open them. You may want to turn your door handles around, as children are unable to reach high enough if they have to push the handle up rather than pull it down. You also need to think of any chemical products and medicines you keep in the house and place them high up. Lastly, you can even baby proof your toilet, making sure they cannot jam their fingers in the toilet seat.

Clearly, the best baby products are those that, wherever possible, combine different things together. Besides the fact that these will cost you less overall, they tend to also be a lot more durable because parents expect them to last for a number of years. This is definitely the best option if you are looking for baby stuff that you will be able to use for a long time.

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