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Avoid the January Blues and Have a Happy New Year

woman suffering from january blues

Now that the festive season is over, it’s not surprising that many of us are falling into a form of post-holiday depression. After all the excitement that accompanied Christmas and New Year, all we are left with is dark and gloomy days and cold and miserable weather – the perfect ingredients for January depression. As reality sets back in and the magic of Christmas is gone for another year, there are a few things we can do to increase our moods and make the most of the year to come. Let’s take a look at the top three things that cause post-holiday depression and how you can turn them around to your advantage.

1. It’s Dark and Cold Outside
More than just January blues, the weather is known for having a profound effect on people to such an extent that the disorder has now been given its own name. SAD or Seasonal Affective Disorder affects a large number of the population with many people feeling both tired and depressed. In order to boost your mood, think about things in a positive light – the days are now getting longer again and as the month goes on, the amount of sunlight seen daily will increase. Try taking a walk during the sunlight hours – this is a great way to regain your positive mood!

2. Weight Gain Over Christmas
Weight gain is often an inevitable part of Christmas and with all the festivities over and done with, it’s easy for this to lead to January depression. In order to counteract the January blues it’s time to set up a healthy eating and fitness plan. Most healthy diets lead to a 2lb weight loss every week and by sticking to a good diet and exercise regime for the next four weeks, you will be back to your pre-Christmas weight before you know it.

3. Money Worries
Many of us spent more than we planned to over Christmas and as we head into the New Year we’re left wondering how we’re going to pay for the rent and bills. With most countries still in a recession, it’s a good idea to make January the month to sort out your finances and get on top of things. Not only will this help to quash your January blues, but by changing your money habits for good, you will be able to see a bright future. You could even aim to save a set amount each month and spend it on a holiday… this gives you something to look forward to and will keep your mind off your post-holiday depression.

From all of us here at Healthadel.com, have a Happy New Year!

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