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Are You Resisting Resistance Training?

For those who have been to the gym, is probably a familiarity with the “other side” of the area.  This is the room or area that includes the free weights, the bulky men and the heavy duty weight lifters that want to get even more buff.  For the regulars that just want to stay in shape, it may seem that the whole concept of weight lifting is a complete turn off.

Despite the looks of it, resistance training isn’t something that you want to resist.  In fact, it can be beneficial for your health, your appearance and for looking your best.  That doesn’t mean that you have to bulk up, but you can use the concept of weight training and resistance training to start putting on a new appearance.

What you really want to ask is: how does weight training change my body?  Following are five of the major benefits that weight training can provide you.

1.  Metabolism booster.  When the muscles have to work, they use energy.  When the energy is in demand, it has to come from somewhere.  So, the body draws into the supply tank, revs up the metabolism and moves extra energy into the muscles for some good, hard work.

2.  Deletes fat.  The more muscles are used, the less of a necessity it becomes to use other types of energy to supply the body.  Specifically, you can expect muscle building to move the fat out of the way.  The more you use muscles, the more you can expect it to take the place of fat that is being used.

3.  Circulation enhancer.  What you should keep in mind as you are working on resistance training is how it affects your whole body.  It’s not just one benefit.  While your muscles work and are being supplied with energy, you can also expect that they are causing more to move through your body.  Specifically, you can expect the blood to pump faster, including your heart, and can expect necessary parts of your body, such as oxygen, hormones, chemicals and even nutrients to move slightly faster to all areas of your body.

4.  Getting that toned look.  If you don’t want to be muscular all over, even when doing resistance training, you don’t have to be.  As you build muscle, it replaces fat and other parts of tissue that isn’t needed by your body.  When this happens, your look becomes toned and defined.  It is only when you lift a lot of weight that you get the bulk.  Try small amounts of weight and you’ll get a defined look instead.  And, for women, you never have to worry about getting bulky.  Your hormones and build won’t allow it.

5.  Youthful and refined appearance.  The science of lifting weights combines with feeling and looking that much better.  The idea is that the weight allows you to get everything moving throughout your body in the correct way.

So, if you are resisting resistance training, think again.  Whether you chose the light weights, or go for an exercise like Yoga, you can use this option to help get you in shape and looking your best.

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