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Are you at Risk for Diabetes? Borderline Diabetes Symptoms

Are you at Risk for Diabetes? Borderline Diabetes Symptoms post image

We have all had those late at night hunger cravings.  But at what point do you need to worry that those cravings might be early indicators of Diabetes?  Diabetes has been called the “up and coming silent killer,” and has been personified by Bret Michaels recently in the media.  There are many symptoms of borderline diabetes (considered a precursor to type II diabetes) that we can look for before we head to the doctor.  However, if you connect with several of the following symptoms you may want to take a trip to your practitioner for an FPG (fasting plasma glucose) test, or an OGTT (oral glucose tolerance test.)  Each of these tests can tell a doctor how effectively your body is removing glucose from your blood.  This is the key factor in assessing diabetes.

Symptoms of Borderline Diabetes
More than just craving a late-night snack, people who have borderline diabetes often feel insatiably hungry, desiring snacks between means, and eating much more than they require. If you find yourself reaching for the snack-cupboard often, or have unconsciously polished off a bag of chips you had just opened, you may want to take note.

Frequent Urination
If you have found you are trekking off to the bathroom more than you used to, it might not have anything to do with your age.  Borderline diabetes is also characterized by an increase in urine production, which may mean longer or more frequent urination.

Due to the increased urine production that occurs with diabetes, the body needs to replenish the moisture in the body.  If you can’t survive without a water bottle at arms reach, look to some of the other indicators in this list.

Blurred Vision
Sometimes we can’t ‘see the forest through the trees,’ but if your vision has become blurred beyond your prescription lately, you may want to look to borderline diabetes as a possible reason.

If getting out bed in the morning is becoming tougher and tougher, or if you can’t seem to wake up no matter how much coffee you drink, it could be one of your body’s warning signs.  We all need rest, but if you are abnormally tired and have other symptoms in this list, get it checked out.

Have you been unusually snippy with people lately?  If there are no other (obvious) stressors in your life that would set you on edge, this might be reason.

Losing Weight
Yes, we usually see this as a positive sign in health.  However, if you are losing weight and your activity level and calorie intake haven’t changed, this could be a warning sign of borderline diabetes.

Yeast Infections
Perhaps not something we might usually see as important to our body’s insulin levels, an increase in yeast infections can occur with borderline diabetes.  While not every woman with borderline diabetes will notice increased yeast infections, this is another indicator that we can use with other symptoms to assess our bodily health.

Borderline diabetes can also leave some men and women disappointed in their sexual lives.  A possible sign of borderline diabetes is the inability of men to perform sexually.

As with other diseases, borderline diabetes may exhibit all or few of these symptoms.  No one knows your body better than you do.  If you feel like these symptoms indicate something out of the ordinary, see your doctor for a diabetes assessment.

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