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Are WiFi Networks Dangerous For Our Health?

dangerous wifi devices

A lot of people are worried that WiFi networks are bad for our health. They believe this because these networks use the same radio frequencies as microwaves, and we all know we need to be protected from their radiation. The reality is, however, that there is absolutely no danger. In fact, have you ever had a concern about a Bluetooth headset, a remote controlled car, a security alarm, a baby monitor or a cordless phone? They all operate on the same frequency.

The Long Explanation
Basically, the radiation of a microwave oven is about 100,000 times stronger than that of a WiFi signal. Additionally, you have to remember that your microwave uses a very high voltage as well, and that it doesn’t travel any distance. WiFi, on the other hand, travels incredibly long distances.

Basically, the laws of nature, and in particular the inverse square law, tell us that every time the distance is doubled, the energy is quartered. Hence, the strength of a WiFi signal becomes weak very quickly. In fact, even if you were to sit right on top of your router, the signal would still be weaker than that of the motor in any of your regular home appliances.

What about Wavelengths?
Conspiracy theorists like to tell us that the wavelengths of WiFi signals are very strong. And that they are all around us, because we are constantly surrounded by people’s WiFi routers and various hotspots. This is indeed true. However, the wavelength is non-ionizing and it is longer than light. This means that it does not actually pose any dangers to us.

What about Radiation?!
So then we start to hear about radiation. We all know that radiation is seriously dangerous. We also know that we can use parabolic mirrors to create fire, something that was done during Roman times. This is indeed true. What is also true, however, is that you can cut through steel with a high-pressure water jet. Yet, even the biggest conspiracy theorist won’t think twice about taking a shower.

The Research
So, since conspiracy theorists will say that those who claim there is no danger at all are “bound to say that”, here is a bit of evidence. Scientists have been trying to find health risks with WiFi signals and, perhaps even more importantly, mobile phones, since they were first released. They simply cannot find anything.

What really matters is that you minimize any risk that is there. Mobile phones, for instance, would be far more dangerous than a WiFi signal. After all, you are exposed to the same frequencies, only being on your mobile for 20 minutes is as strong as being exposed to your WiFi for a full year. Plus, you direct it straight at your brain.

If you still feel the conspiracy theorists have a point, then make sure there is at least one meter between you and your router. Also make sure you don’t put your laptop on your lap, but put it on a tray instead. This means you are a sufficient distance away from the signal to not be bothered by it.

I can hear you say that you know someone whose sister’s cousin’s daughter noticed a WiFi side effect. This simply isn’t true. Perhaps they have sensitivity to high EMF (electro magnetic fields), but there is no link between WiFi and health, even though scientists have been trying to find a link for years now.

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