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Are Flea Bites Dangerous?

bitting flea

We know that fleas are able to carry as much as 15 times their own body weight in blood. That’s pretty gross. To make it grosser, consider that they have short spikes on their legs, which are designed to help them grab on to their host. They then penetrate the skin and inject saliva into it, which is full of disgusting germs and bacteria, which can cause an allergic reaction. Indeed, it is possible to develop an allergy to flea bites. Secondly, since they are parasites, they can also carry various other illnesses with them (remember the Black Death?).

How Dangerous Are Flea Bites to Pets and Humans?
Fleas have gotten a really bad name, because they are such hideous little creatures. However, their bite is actually a lot less dangerous as the bite of many other insects and parasites. The biggest dangers are developing flea allergies and the fact that they can carry various viral and bacterial diseases. Indeed, they can even transmit tapeworm. Luckily, however, these instances are very rare and so long as you know how to treat and get rid of your bites, and how to get rid of fleas if they have infested your home, they are really nothing but a minor inconvenience.

Flea Bite Treatment
If you do have a bite and you leave it alone, you will usually find the irritation gets worse and worse. The itching is absolutely terrible and will really frustrate you. If you have an allergy, the itching will be even more. However, treatment and medicine is out there that can help you get rid of the problem. Some of these options are so good that they work almost instantly. However, because people react differently to different bites, you may have to try different types of treatment before you find the one that works for you. You do, however, have to be sure that you recognize the flea bit signs (small clusters of bites, generally around the legs, which are incredibly itchy).

The following hints and tips may be of help to relieve the irritation of flea bites on humans:
• Never scratch the bites. As much as you may find it relieving, you have far more chances of getting bacteria and dirt into the bites, which could become infected. Indeed, this could be as bad as developing blood poisoning, so leave the bites alone.
• Use lotions or creams to relieve the itching. Usually, it will also help to bring the swelling down, which means the bites will heal much quicker.
• If you develop an allergic reaction or the itching is particularly bad for other reasons, use some antihistamine tablets to get relief. However, you do have to speak to your doctor before doing this, just in case you already take other types of medication that do not combine with antihistamines.
• As soon as you notice a bite, cool it down with ice cold water. This instantly reduces the swelling and inflammation as well.

Getting Rid of Fleas
It can be incredibly difficult to get rid of fleas. Many of them have become immune to the poisons we normally use, and the stronger poisons may leave your home inhabitable for a period of time. Unfortunately, smoke bombs are still the best option, which means you will need to stay out of the area for a while. You must also hoover regularly, even after you have used a bomb or other poison. This is because fleas reproduce very quickly and their eggs will generally survive the poisons, meaning the infestation comes back. Make sure you hoover everywhere, particularly in hidden corners like behind or underneath furniture. If you find you experience flea bite symptoms again after this, you will need to treat your home again as well.

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