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Are Electronic Cigarettes Safe?

man smoking from electronic cigarette

You may have heard of the electronic cigarette, also known as the e-cigarette or the healthy cigarette. It is basically a device that looks like a cigarette and allows you to inhale and exhale actual smoke, without all the toxic effects associated with smoking. In areas that have imposed a smoking ban, such as offices and restaurants for instance, it is possible to smoke an electronic cigarette, because there are also no associated risks with secondary smoking. So how does this work?

How Does the Electronic Cigarette Work?
Electronic cigarettes look like real cigarettes. They are slightly heavier, because they are made from metal. Best of all, they have a small tip at the end with a red led light, which makes them look as if they are actually burning when you take a drag. The electronic cigarette has cartridges that are put into the filter area and these release the smoke, which also has some nicotine in it. The cartridges can be purchased in different strengths. Very often, people use electronic cigarettes to help them stop smoking. We will look into how this works later. The device is charged up through your computer via a USB port that is included in the snazzy box you normally get with your electronic cigarette. In the box, you will be able to keep your cigarette, but also the electronic cigarette refills, making it look as if you are actually carrying ten cigarettes.

Using the Electronic Cigarette to Stop Smoking
Many people use electronic cigarettes to stop smoking. Because the electronic cigarette refills contain nicotine, the receptors in the brain are kept quiet in the same way as other nicotine replacement therapy does. However, because a smoker can also hold the cigarette between their fingers and actually take draws, it is felt that these work better than other therapies because a large part of nicotine addiction is a psychological rather than physical addiction.

How Much Does it Cost?
Of course, you will want to know the electronic cigarette price. Needless to say, the electronic cigarette will always be cheaper than actually smoking. Prices vary on the exact brand that you want to purchase and where you are purchasing it from. There are a number of wholesale websites where you can get both the electronic cigarettes and the cartridges at significantly reduced prices. You do need to make sure that the electronic cigarette refills fit on your model of e-cigarette.

The highest cost generally is the cigarette itself, with the cartridges being reasonably cheap. One cartridge is the equivalent of around 100 cigarettes, so it easy to work out why it is much cheaper. If you are buying alternative electronic cigarette flavors, they tend to cost marginally more.

Are Electronic Cigarettes Safe?
The big question is, of course, whether the electronic cigarette is safe. The verdict is somewhat out on this one. It is absolutely agreed that the electronic cigarette is not harmful to other people in terms of secondary smoking. The main reason why you could consider that it isn’t safe is that you are still consuming a nicotine product. Also, if you use different electronic cigarette flavors, you may be subject to chemicals that are used to create the flavor. The most important thing is recognizing that you are still consuming nicotine and that this is an addiction that also needs to be resolved. Nicotine is both a stimulant and a relaxant and releases glucose and adrenaline. But, it is widely agreed that nicotine addiction is a psychological one and if the electronic cigarettes can help people overcome their cigarette addiction, the next step is very easy to overcome.

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