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Am I Gay? Learn How to Detect Homosexuality Signs

a gay couple

Part of puberty and growing up is the awakening of sexual desire and the feelings of attraction to others, how this manifests can vary greatly between individuals. Sometimes that attraction to the opposite sex is immediate; however sometimes there is also an attraction to friends and strangers of the same sex. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the individual is a gay, just that the individual is going through an awakening process and may need a little longer than others to get to grips with their sexual orientation.

This is a time when the body is going through a lot of hormonal changes so it is only natural that some of the signals and messages they are receiving from their bodies are confusing. The attraction to members of the same sex may in fact be a passing phase as the hormones in the body come back into balance, but for others this is their body aligning itself to the way it will be forever.

Sexual Confusion
It can be difficult for some gay people to come to terms with what their mind and body are telling them. Society more or less dictates that at a certain age, normally during puberty that they should start being attracted to member of the opposite sex, but this doesn’t always happen. This can lead to confusion and frustration on the part of the individual and he will begin asking himself questions like; Am I gay? Or am I homosexual? Then ‘Why am I gay?’ No one can answer these questions for him; this is a journey of self discovery. There is no ‘am I gay test’ that you can take that will make it easier by providing the answers you need. Believe us if there was a ‘gay test’ it would save a lot of time and heartache. If you have asked yourself the question ‘Am I gay?’ or ‘Am I homosexual?’ or even ‘Why am I gay?’ You need to find the answers to that question on your own.

Why am I Gay?
The simple answer is ‘because you are’, that was the way you were made. Homosexuality is not a disease, it is not something that can be caught or transmitted. Neither is it a choice. No one can live their life a certain way and just suddenly become gay, and as much as some narrow minded bigots would like to believe gay people do not have a choice and there is no fantastic ‘am I gay test’ that will make understanding it easier. This is genetics, this is DNA and sexuality and sexual preference is as much a part of our genetic programming as the color of our eyes.

Just like the color of our eyes, we can try and disguise it by using difference colored lenses, but when they are removed the original color remains. The same applies to sexuality, gay people struggling with the ‘am I gay’ or ‘am I homosexual’ question, will even go as far as getting married and having children, before the stress of trying to conform becomes too much and they are forced to admit their true sexuality, which despite the stress at the time gives them the room and freedom to be the person they truly are, and if there was an incredible and fool proof ‘gay test’ that would give them the answers at the beginning, do you not think they would have taken it to prevent all of this heartache and family distress?

Are You Gay?
Do you find yourself attracted to members of the same sex, or both sexes? Are you confused about your sexuality? If you are that is very understandable, society expects our behavior to conform with certain norms and anything that falls outside of these norms ends up causing hurt and confusion, especially when society is not willing to accept or even attempt to understand what is happening, which is why so many men who experience these gay feelings, or attraction to same sex partners will often try to hide it from society and their families.

Despite the world seeming to advance in so many areas, sexual preferences are still an area that can incite such strong emotional responses in others. Such narrow minded individuals that are unwilling to accept homosexuals are a detriment to any society and community they live in. Contrary to what they may believe there are no ‘gay symptoms’ as homosexuality is not a disease, and there are certainly no homosexual cures despite some individuals so desperate to conform to their societies expectations would like to believe there are. The gay test does not exist, all of these terms and phrases have been coined by people looking to explain away homosexuality as a disease, a condition, something detrimental to health, they are all wrong.

Facing the World
Are you gay and looking for a way to tell your family and friends? Are you tired of hiding your sexual preferences and wanting to be honest and open? By being honest and open with others you are being more honest and open with yourself. Don’t start the conversation with ‘I think I am gay’ as that gives them the impression that you are still in a state of confusion about your sexuality. Your family will probably explain that they see ‘gay signs’ in your behavior as a child, but this is nonsense, the same applies to your friends who will tell you they know how to spot gay signs – what they believe to be signs of homosexuality could range from the fact that a man takes care of his appearance to the fact that he drinks the occasional cocktail!

Allow yourself time and space to be the person that you were meant to be. Your sexual preference is not important to anyone else other than your partner. Love is love and two people who share a common love can do nothing but bring each other happiness whatever their sexual orientation.

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