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Activities That Improve Your Cognitive Functioning and Overall Health

Activities That Improve Your Cognitive Functioning and Overall Health post image

A healthy brain has been proven to reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s, dementia, and other diseases. Improving your cognitive functioning can also help memory loss and increase your concentration level. Your brain is a crucial component of your body that allows you to function healthily and normally. Understanding that all of your actions affect your brain is important to becoming conscientious about your daily habits, down to the food you eat to how much you sleep. It is important to cultivate certain activities that will increase your brain cognition while simultaneously improving your health.

Sometimes the key to improving your cognitive functioning can be as simple as paying attention. It only takes around eight seconds of focused thinking to fully process a piece of information. The bit of information gets sent to your hippocampus, straight into the appropriate memory center, which organizes all thoughts. Although multi-tasking appears to get more things done, it is actually debilitating your brain, making it more difficult for you to remember things. Attempt to isolate yourself in a quiet room if you are easily distracted. This will help increase your concentration and the likelihood you will retain more information.

Doing neurobic exercises can also strengthen your brain waves. Neurobics are like push-ups for the brain, helping to create new associations between different parts of your body. Doctors recommend switching up your normal day-to-day routine by showering in the dark, and possibly using you’re opposite hand to perform a task like brushing your hair, or cooking dinner. These kinds of activities invigorate your brain by causing new neuron pathways to form.

It is important to consider your brain as an individual part of a whole, something that needs development and attention. Reading can be a great activity that allows this organ to be challenged and stimulated. Those that are visual learners will find reading thought provoking and insightful, which will in return counter brain-damaging diseases. Listening to audios tapes, or being read to can also help auditory learners receive their daily dose of cognitive exercises. Reading allows an individual to involve many senses: textures, colors, and smells. These are all important elements in increasing your memory and cognitive functioning.

Maintaining your brain health can be reliant upon what you take into your body. Items, like alcohol, can dramatically decrease your brain volume and cause permanent brain defects. Although when managed appropriately, alcohol at moderate levels has been proven to prevent cardiovascular diseases. Try your best to keep alcohol consumption at a low level. Balance the amount of alcohol you drink with a healthy diet and regular exercise. Brain connections can be strengthened due to the brain counteracting free radicals when exercising. Exercise also decreases inflammation and diminishes toxins, reducing the potential risk of Alzheimer’s.

Sleeping can be the best activity to give your brain the extra energy needed to promote a healthy lifestyle. Your brain requires large amounts of energy to function accordingly and sleep is crucial to providing that energy. Sleeping not only increases your ability to memorize, but also keeps your brain in top shape for processing information. Try to avoid napes, which decrease the amount of sleep you are supposed to be getting at night. Also, maintain a healthy bed time routine that includes going to bed and waking up at the same time every day. This will help your body and brain adjust to sleeping easier.

When trying to implement exercises into your daily routine that help your cognitive functioning, remember to try many different practices, or habits. There are innumerable ways of promoting healthy brain activity and you will want to pick something that suits your individual needs. The more you exercise your brain, the healthier your body will become.

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