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Healthadel.com is the primary source for free health articles and information.

At Healthadel.com we update you daily with medical health information. Do mind that our articles should in no way take place of professional medical advice. This website contains information for educational purposes only and you should always consult a doctor about anything medical related.

Patrick and Laura currently provide the content for Healthadel.com. They are passionate writers which love to share health information with our readers. However, do mind that neither Patrick or Laura are doctors or have any medical qualification. They are writing our content using their general health knowledge and of course, some serious documentation on each covered subject.

If you want to get in touch you can do so here, but please bear in mind we cannot give you individual medical advice.

If you are interested in the design of Healthadel, its run on a custom version of the Thesis WordPress theme, with a modified header.