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7 Ways To Delay Your Period

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With the hectic lifestyle of the 21st century, another surprising health problem arises in women. It happens more and more often that ladies feel the need of skipping their menses. They simply consider that they can’t allow themselves a few days of poor shape, because of the dynamic lifestyle that where living in right now. But is this healthy? Are there ways to delay your menstruation without shocking your body? You’ll be surprised about how many methods there are. But are the reasons strong enough to disturb the normal functioning of a female’s body? Read on and share your opinion about postponing a period!

Why would you delay your Period?
First of all let’s take a look at the reasons that lead women to postpone their menstruation. The majority do it because it overlaps with an important event where they need to be in perfect shape and don’t have time to change pads or have low energy levels. Such important events are considered: the wedding day; an important sports event that you’re competing in; a much anticipated holiday; a pool party; or even a date that should end with fireworks. Other women have such painful episodes during their menses that they wish not to experience them ever again.

Is it safe to postpone menstruation?
There isn’t a Yes/No answer for this question. It all depends on how long you wish to delay your period, how often you want to do it and what method you plan to use. It’s important to inform yourself about the potential side effects. Things turn out to be more complicated if you have irregular menses or any other health problems that could be aggravated by skipping menstruation.
In general it’s considered safe to postpone periods for a few days and even weeks. However, my recommendation is to always consult your doctor and ask for advice, before you go for it.

7 Ways to delay your Period
Here is how you can workaround your menses depending on your reason. Side effects and other precious information is available for each method.
1. Using Diaphragms: [12 hours] If you wish to delay your period because of an important date that should end up with sex, you can safely use a diaphragm such as, Softcup and keep things clean. This hygiene product will keep the mess at bay for 12 hours. Another positive is that your partner won’t feel that you’re wearing it. It doesn’t involve taking any pills or toying with your body. Your menstruation unfolds normally, but so will any pains associated with it.
2. With Synthetic Hormones: [1 – 14 days] Ingesting Norethisterone helps you delay your period for several days and even weeks, which is enough to ensure a problem free holiday. These tablets contain progestogen, a synthetic hormone that resembles the natural female sex hormone, progesterone. Norethisterone tablets are used for treating heavy periods. But if you start taking these pills three times a day, three days before your menstruation is due, your period will be delayed and occur three days after stopping Norethisterone intake. The longer you ingest this synthetic hormone the more you are exposed to side effects which include breast tenderness, bloating, headache, dizziness.
3. Ibuprofen + Vitamin B6: [1 month] A combination of ibuprofen and vitamin B6, ingested for one or two weeks before your menstruation date, will help you skip your period for the month in cause. However, do consult your doctor before taking 800mg of ibuprofen 3x times a day and a double dosage of vitamin B6. Don’t abuse this method and never skip two periods in a row.
4. Birth Control Pills: [several months] If you’re on standard birth control tablets, you can easily delay your period by starting a fresh strip of pills as soon as the one for the ongoing month has ended. This means that you should skip the 7-day break reserved for the menstruation. Ask your doctor for how long you can pull this trick. You can also question him about contraception pills that are ingested daily and can prevent menses for months.
5. Physical Stress: [several days] is a natural way to delay your period. However, as all alternative methods, success isn’t guaranteed in this case. It’s a fact that engaging in demanding physical activities as early as two weeks before due date, often causes a delayed menstruation. Depending on how active you normally are, you need to significantly increase physical strain to obtain the desired effect. This means that if you are sedentary you need to perform moderate daily fitness. If you already are active, you need intensive daily workouts, to make your body feel additional exertion. Emotional stress also leads to missed periods, but this isn’t a thing that someone can recommend. Mental stress causes much more harm than good, so it should be avoided as much as possible.
6. Natural Herbs: [n/a] You can use a series of natural solutions to delay your menses, or at least considerably diminish them with the help of the Shepherd’s Purse herb. Ingest its tincture or prepare an infusion according to the package instructions. You can buy it from health food stores or online. Another herb that could help is the yarrow.
7. Special Diet: [n/a] if you trust our ancestors you could try delaying your menstruation with these folklore diet tips:
– eat a special soup made of fried gram lentils, along with warm water, every morning, starting a week before your expect your period. Fry the gram lentils before they get soft. Turn them into a smooth paste with the help of a blender and eat it on an empty stomach.
– avoid eating spicy foods (hot peppers, garlic, black pepper and so on) or nourishment that rise the temperature of your body (pineapples, mangoes and so on). They are likely to contribute to the onset of menses.
– ingest 2 teaspoons of vinegar after each main meal, that’s three times a day.
– eat raw lemon daily at least one week prior to your due date.

Depending on why you wish to delay your period. You can opt for one of the above methods. However, be fully aware of the costs of your decisions. Do the benefits outweigh the risks? Remember, your doctor should have the final word on this! If you ever delayed your menstruation feel free to comment and share your experience.

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