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7 Simple Rules Of Cleaning For A Healthier You

7 Simple Rules Of Cleaning For A Healthier You post image

It’s everyone goal to live a healthy and long life, that’s no secret. Apart from all the exercise regimes, yoga sessions, eating healthy and sleeping properly, there is something else that can negatively affect your wellbeing. I’m talking about personal hygiene and cleanness of your surroundings, factors which can encourage various health problems, in case you don’t allocate enough time for it. Handling your personal hygiene, comes in most cases as a natural thing, but what about your home, office and other places that you spend time in, daily?

Do you know that your home might be a big breeding ground for hundreds of diseases? Most of them thanks to the micro-organisms that thrive on and are encouraged to develop themselves by the lack of cleanliness. It is always essential to make an extra effort personally, or by roping in offline or online professional cleaning services. Living in a clean environment takes more than that though. Here is a list of 7 tips for maintaining a clean space to live in:
1. Check your sleeping grounds – If not the nightmares, the bed bugs would definitely cause you serious health problems. Make sure that you clean your mattresses periodically. The easiest way – leave them out in the Sun for over 3-4 hours. This will kill the dust mites and even gain some volume back.

2. Rugged life – The fancy, fluffy rugs beneath your soles are also a breeding ground for loads of micro-organisms that will not just hurt your sole, but your entire body too. The best way to keep them out from your life is to hang them outside and pat/beat them to get rid of nasty germs, or even better call a carpet cleaning company to freshen up your floors.

3. A window to healthy life – Your windows are a perfect hideout for germs. The best way to regularly clean them is with the help of water and dry cloth. Allow natural light to fall on your windows which will help preventing minor germs from developing. Also, opt for windows that come with traditional wooden frames.

4. Clean entryways – Just like your windows, your doors, cupboards, bathroom doors can turn out to be favourite playgrounds for germs. The best way to get rid of them is by washing doors with bicarbonate soda, with the help of a sponge.

5. Kitchen work – Your kitchen has the biggest potential of hosting germs, if you don’t sanitize it properly. The area where you cook food, sink and table counters can grow harmful bacteria and fungi, which at some point in time will surly get in contact with your food and cookingware. The only way to prevent a health hazard is to keep your kitchen squeaky clean. Use any deep action antibacterial cleanser to do the work.

6. Chef’s tools – Speaking of the kitchen, the utensils and tools that you use to prepare your meal are the ones which come in contact with a variety of matters. From raw vegetables and meat, to industrial stuff like plastic. Imagine the levels of different micro-organisms thriving on your favorite coffee mug or the big kitchen knife that you regularly use. Wash your spoons, plates, cutting boards, mugs and glasses before and after consuming meal!

7. Brush away the germs – Amazingly, not many know that their toothbrushes are also a common place for the harmful germs. Not only that, it encourages overgrowth of germs. The best way to fix this is to regularly rinse your toothbrush with hot water, before and after use. It’s because killer bacteria thrives mostly in moist places. Keep check on where you keep it. It would be better if it’s standing up in a water glass to air-dry, than inside a bathroom closet.

In case you’re the busy kind of individual and aren’t available to clean your home as often as you would like I can recommend you the king of maids’ web. If personally tested the services from the the Chicago area, but you can find great maids all across the United States!

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