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6 Herbal Tips For Hepatitis C

hepatitis c diet

Conventional Hepatitis C treatment involves Pegylated Interferon or Solvadi and Ribavirin dosages. These combined meds have the goal to cure the hep c virus and need to be applied for 12 to 48 weeks depending on the HCVvirus’ Genotype. The success rate of this treatment ranges from 50-55%, because in many cases the hep C virus revives after one year of medical care. More, it can also cause unpleasant side effects like: bone pain, severe anemia and even hair loss.

This is why you can also consider trying alternative therapies against chronic Hepatitis C and give an extra aid to your body, in its fight with the HCV virus and prevent it from reoccurring. However, do note that there is no scientific research that assesses the human body’s reaction when combining the conventional Hepatitis C therapy with alternative herbal remedies. This is why I strongly recommend to consider the herbal tips provided below only after or before undergoing the peginterferon + ribavirin combo.

6 Herbal Tips for Hepatitis C
Always take in account that alternative therapies based on herbs are considered controversial, because there is no solid scientific proof for treatment efficiency, besides the confessions of those that had success. Besides, plants can also cause side effects if used in excess, so make sure that you read instructions before using the below recommended herbal products!
1. Gentian Powder: Herbalist use the powder or tincture obtained from gentian root to relieve the inflammation of the liver caused by hepatitis. It’s also very efficient against gall bladder disease. Purchase some gentian root powder and include it in your diet, according to the prescription of the manufacturer. Important: You should avoid this herbal remedy if you suffer from peptic or duodenal ulcers.
2. Juniper Berries: Juniper is a great natural ingredient that helps your body to drain toxins, contributing to purification. To relieve hep C you can ingest juniper berries, use them to boil juniper berry tea, or even include them in your food. You can purchase these juniper bush cones at affordable prices from supermarkets or herbal stores.
3. Hawthorn Fruit Powder: Ancient Chinese medicine recommends the hawthorn fruit as treatment for hepatitis. Here is an efficient way to benefit from all the vitamins and minerals provided by this great plant. You need to prepare a steeping from hawthorn fruit powder. Add 2 teaspoons of hawthorn fruit powder in a glass of cold water. Let it soak from evening til morning. After you wake up, filter the composition using a plastic (not metal) mesh. Drink the resulted liquid on an empty stomach, before eating breakfast.
4. Sage Powder: is very helpful against hepatitis because it stimulates biliary secretion. In the same time it determines a decrease of those negative mental states, that are related with liver and biliary disorders. It’s optimal to combine sage with other herbs like gentian and St. John’s wort plant for efficient results against hepatitis.
5. Sweet Clover: is also useful for aiding your liver combat the HCV virus. It should be included in your diet under the form of an an infusion. A 30-day alternative treatment that includes drinking 2,3 cups of sweet clover infusion is recommended by herbalists. A mandatory 10-day break is recommended if you wish to repeat the cure.
6. Natural Products: Two other great natural supplements for hep C are the Aloe Vera gel and Lycium Plus tablets. Their health benefits are noticeable after only two weeks of alternative treatment.

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