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5 Exercises for Home Neck Pain Relief

neck pain relief exercises

It’s time to tackle one very annoying and common occurring health problem, the neck pain! Excepting pathological cases neck pain is usually caused by bad posture. If you hold your head in an uncommon position for too long, as it’s the case with individuals that work on the computer you are at risk of getting neck pain. Sleeping on a pillow that is to large and brings your neck in an awkward position, having a stressful moment in your life and even deep moments of concentration, that lead you to forget about maintaining the right posture are frequent causes for every day neck pain.

So, if you aren’t suffering from an injury like herniated disc, or other similar neck traumas (click here for more neck pain causes) I have some great news for you. You can perform e series of easy physical head and neck exercises that will alleviate pain and even eliminate it completely. Relief is ensured with the help of neck muscle strengthening and improved mobility. Additional benefits from performing neck pain relief exercises at home or work is that they improve blood flow to your brain. A better irrigated brain becomes more agile and is less likely to provide headaches.

5 Exercises for Neck Pain Relief at Home
These exercises are very efficient. Although they seem easy, performed regularly, they lead to neck muscle toning. Your spine will have a better support and thus it will be easier to maintain a healthy posture. A great advantage is that you can perform them everywhere and every time you have a few minutes to spare, relax and care for your body.

All 5 exercises have to be performed while staying on a chair. Check your posture, chest out, stomach in. It’s very important to coordinate your breathing. Breath deeply and relax while performing the exercises.

shoulder shrugs

Shoulder shrugs.
Reps: 10 | Series: 2

1. Shoulder Shrugs: Raise your shoulders towards your ears, the same way as you do it when you want to shrug off something. Inhale deeply as you do it. Maintain the lift for 2,3 seconds when you reach maximum height. Rotate your shoulders backwards and lower them gradually as you exhale. You should feel your shoulder blades moving towards each other. This way you train both your neck muscles and also stretch your chest muscles. Perform two sets of Shoulder Shrugs. Each set needs to have ten reps.

neck extension exercise

Chin to Chest.
Reps: 10 | Series: 2

2. Chin to Chest: For this second neck pain relief exercise you need to resume perfect posture (the original posture). Inhale deeply through your nose while focusing on your posture. As you slowly exhale, bring your chin towards your chest as far as you can. Once you touch your chest maintain your position for 2,3 seconds. Next, return to original posture while inhaling through the nose. The next exhale starts your next repetition. These neck extensions should be done in two sets of ten reps each.

neck rotations

Head Rotations.
Reps: 10 | Series: 2

3. Head Rotations: It’s time to look above your shoulder! You are in the original good posture position. Inhale deeply and focus on maintaining your best posture. When it’s time to exhale turn your head towards your left shoulder, the same way as you would do it when you want to look above your shoulder. Inhale again as you return to original position. Now, repeat the procedure but turn your head slowly towards the right shoulder. As with the previous exercises, two sets with ten reps each do the job.

head tilts

Head tilts.
Reps: 10 | Series: 2

4. Head Tilts: These inclines could prove themselves challenging for most of us. Inhale deeply as you focus on your posture. When you exhale tilt your head slowly towards the left side. Try to go so low in order to be able to touch your shoulder with your ear. Inhale again and return to original position. Next repetition should be done towards the right shoulder. Do note that you need to perform ten reps on each side in order to complete a set. Two sets are needed to complete this exercise.

head extension

Head extensions.
Reps: 5 | Series: 1

5. Head Extensions: Relax and enjoy this final exercise. Contrary to the previous ones this exercise starts with an inhalation. So, from original position wait to exhale and as you start inhaling bend your neck backwards. Inhale and bend slowly. You can count to ten during the process. When you finish it’s time to return to original position. Perform this exercise 5 times. A singles set is enough.

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