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4 Unique Things You Didn’t Know Had Health Benefits

4 Unique Things You Didn’t Know Had Health Benefits post image

We are constantly provided with information on the healthy things we should eat and do. Sometimes the information is straightforward – eating enough vegetables is good for you – and sometimes it can be confusing – exercising is good but not all exercises are beneficial. Then there are the surprises – those unexpected things you might not realise are actually beneficial for your health. Here are four unique things you probably didn’t know had health benefits and if you want to boost your health, consider adopting these as part of your lifestyle.

Red Wine
A glass of red wine every now and then shouldn’t be a guilty pleasure. Indeed, researchers have found this drink of the gods to provide you with numerous health benefits. The chemical compounds in wine have been shown to lower the risk of cancer and heart disease. Some studies have even found it to be as effective in boosting your health as a jog outside. Furthermore, individual studies have linked wine to the ability to minimise your risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease. The antiseptic properties of red wine can even protect you against a bacterium called Streptococcus, which is found in the human mouth and can cause anything from mild throat infections to life-threatening infections in the organs.

Green Tea
You should also make sure your hot beverage selection includes green tea. The drink has plenty of health benefits to convince you to try it out. Most of the benefits are down to its chemical compounds, especially the polyphenols. These have been shown to lower your risk of cancer, high blood pressure and heart disease. Furthermore, green tea’s benefits are not just based on findings in short studies. A Harvard School of Public Health has conducted a long-term study of nurses and doctors to find information about tea drinkers. According to the findings, tea drinkers have much lower likelihood to develop diabetes compared to people who hardly drink tea. Green tea and the polyphenols are essentially able to regulate blood sugar and therefore the drink is worth having. While the polyphenols are present in many other types of teas as well, green tea has a much better concentration of them. This is down to the special kind of fermentation process. If you are looking for great tasting green tea, Arakai Estate has plenty of great options.

You might think sex is just for procreation or for fun, but there is more to it. A healthy sex life can help give your body a proper workout and boost your mood. Engaging in the activity works out most of the muscles in your body, ensuring you don’t always need to leave the bed to get leaner and fitter body. Sex is not just about a leaner body either; the health benefits are also evident in how it boosts your mood. Research has found that active sex life can reduce your blood pressure and the oxygenation of blood during sex can release feel-good hormones, which help reduce stress and make you feel happier. In fact, studies have shown that sex can reduce pain – that headache you might sometimes use as an excuse could actually be cured by just having a bit of fun with your partner.

Finally, you can enjoy health benefits even when you treat yourself to a few tasty chocolates. Chocolate is not just a great tasting sweet treat, but it also enhances your mood and helps you stay healthier. The food item has been found to stimulate brain activity, helping you feel happier and think clearer. So, if you are feeling a bit down, there’s nothing wrong in snacking on a few pieces – just don’t go overboard with the indulgence.

Aside from the emotional benefits, your body can also benefit from chocolate. Dark chocolate and cocoa can help boost the overall performance of your circulatory system and prevent things such as a cough and diarrhoea. A small, regular dose of chocolate can even lower your cholesterol and therefore decrease your risk of heart problems, such as a heart attack.

When buying chocolates, remember to go with the dark varieties. Retailers such as Changing Habits are great for finding organic, healthier chocolate choices and if you visit the www.ozcodes.com.au website, you can make those healthier choices a little more affordable as well.

With most of the above things, the key to obtaining the health benefits is about moderation. You can have too much of red wine or end up with an unhealthy sex life. Therefore, don’t feel guilty when you enjoy and indulge in these unique treats, but prevent them from taking over your life or enjoying them in excess.

Being healthy doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy nice things. In fact, as the above has shown, there’s plenty of evidence to suggest tasty and fun things can also be good for you. Health benefits are sometimes found in the most unique of things.

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