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3 Unusual Sexual Disorders

man suffering from sexsomnia

Any person who knows what sexual intercourse is should also know how pleasurable and fulfilling it can be, especially if the deed is made with a consensual person who shares a mutual feeling of affection. However, the physiological burden of being sexually active can sometimes have its toll on men and women, as sexual disorders may develop and cause strain to the relationship. There is nothing wrong with admitting that you are suffering from a form of sexual disorder, but it would be a sin if you leave it unaddressed.

Here are three common sexual disorders and some tips on how to overcome them to gain a healthy sexual relationship and life perception back.

People who are suffering from this unusual sexual disorder engage in sexual acts while they are fast asleep and they do not remember it. These sexual acts can include masturbating, full sexual intercourse or just simple fondling of their sexual partner. Some of these sexual acts could be deemed to be sexual assault or even rape if the perpetrator were conscious at the time he committed them. Sexsomnia is considered to be a different type of sleepwalking. This disorder can cause serious relationship problems for the person afflicted with it. Aside from that, the person suffering from sexsomnia often feels tremendous embarrassment, anxiety and shame because of his disorder.

People who suffer from other sexual disorders such as hypersexuality, are more prone to developing this disorder. It is not unusual for a person to engage in a sexsomiac episode after a night of strenuous drinking. People with this disorder should avoid drinking heavily if they wish to try to control it without medication. This disorder is sometimes referred to as confusion arousal. Treatment is available for it and it includes bedtime benzodiazepines but these should be used with caution because they are extremely addictive.

This disorder affects both men and women. It is usually diagnosed when patients become aware of strange happenings in the night of which they are unaware but for which physical reminders remain such as used condoms and seminal stains on bed linens.

Hypersexuality is a disorder most commonly associated with males but women can suffer from it as well. It is an unusually heightened desire to engage in sexual activity. This activity can occur with partners of the opposite or the same sex. It is sometimes referred to as sexual addiction because the sufferer is almost completely unable to control his or her impulses. During the Victorian age, women who suffered from this disorder were referred to as nymphomaniacs. Although it can occur in both sexes, hypersexuality in women is much rarer.

People who suffer from this disorder are often exposed quite publicly and can feel a tremendous amount of shame because of it. Hypersexuality in women can severely disrupt a woman’s ability to have a stable relationship with a man. This disorder usually responds reasonably well to treatment which is comprised of long-term psychotherapy. Patients must learn to recognize and control their addictive and compulsive behaviors. Medication in the form of lithium has been shown to be effective in controlling hypersexual behavior mostly because of its manic tendencies.

People who are asexual have virtually no sex drive and, in general do not engage in sexual relationships because they do not derive any pleasure from doing so. They are usually simply uninterested in sexual encounters and so refrain from having sexual relationships at all. They are usually able to sustain long-term attachment relationships with other people but these are almost always celibate. A significant amount of research has been devoted to the study of this disorder and it has found that more people are asexual than might have originally been thought. Asexual people are able to form otherwise healthy relationships with people of both sexes. It is only where sexual relationships are concerned that they experience difficulty with their interpersonal relationships.

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  • DRAVE November 9, 2012, 9:35 pm

    I’m kind of asexual as in as soon as I get interested in a women I can’t imagine any sexual activity with them and I also masturbate in my sleep, so I am embarrassed to sleep with anybody. help!

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