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21st Century Fitness Aid

Woman using Just Gym app.

The 21st Century is known by everyone as the century of technology. Fitness is nowadays a field that has improved very much along with the technological boom of our society. Starting with the superior quality and efficiency of the clothes that we wear while training out, continuing with the fitness devices that help us workout and ending with the latest smartphone apps that track our progress and provide all the needed information for improving our workout. All these combined have made fitness more efficient and easier then ever. However, the controversy lies in the fact that considering all this aid, on average, Americans and people in general are fatter then ever!?!

People can now enjoy fitness while playing video games. With the likes of devices like Xbox 360 Kinect you can play video games in your own bedroom and control the character with the help of the motion sensing input device. This way you find yourself running, jumping, ducking and even dancing, while competing against friends or family. What’s easier and more convenient than having fun and burning calories in the same time?

Smartphones are nowadays a necessity. We use different apps that help us be more efficient at work, stay informed and even relax when we need a break. But what if I tell you that there is an app that will take care of everything related to your fitness workout? The new Just Gym app can bring you exercise videos, access your music playlists from your smartphone, give you a 12 week fitness program, provide you with daily tips and guidance on diet and fitness, allow you to track your fat loss, and let you search and buy suitable nutrition supplements directly through the app.

You may say that you can get all of this already. This is true, but you can’t get all of this in one place without the Just Gym app. This app can revolutionize your fitness regime by giving you all the fitness and dieting tools and information you need at the click of a button. A successful fitness regime is all about being organized and knowing what the next step is. Put it this way, if you wake up in the morning with Just Gym telling you what to eat and how to exercise, you are more likely to do it than if you have to think about it yourself! The app works just like a shopping list. If you go shopping without a list, 9 times out of 10, you forget something. Trying to get fit without such an app to prompt you means you are also 9 times out of 10 likely to forget to do something – or simply not exercise at all!

So far, Maximuscle’s JustGym is the only app which lets you purchase your supplements through the app itself – no more trawling through many online health-stores! Also you are more likely to actually purchase the supplements if you can do it there and then through the Just Gym App, rather than putting it off and having to browse elsewhere. Nowadays you really need an interactive fitness personal trainer who will keep you motivated and on track…motivation is key if you are to reach the fitness level you want.

To complete this article I would like to reflect on the controversy underlined at the start of this post. Yes, it’s true that food quality is declining and the average people tend to eat low quality food. The world’s population is constantly growing and food is continuously altered in order to be enough for us all. People altered their eating habits due today’s more alert lifestyle. These can be solid reasons for Americans and people from all over the world to become fatter than ever. But we have to learn to use technology which can help us to compensate these drawbacks, maintain a healthy weight and live a healthy and balanced life.

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