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12 Tips For Cancer Prevention

exercising for cancer prevention

Cancer research has come a long way in the past few decades and with this has come an increase in the amount of people who survive the disease. Yet, there are unfortunately a number of cancers that have a low survival rate and in these cases all that can be done is to make a patient’s life more comfortable. Many researches do agree on one thing however – it is possible to lower your risk of developing cancer in the first place. Below are 12 tips on how to prevent cancer!

1. Drink Green Tea
Green tea is proven to prevent cancer as it has many anti-cancer properties. Research has shown that just by drinking two cups a day you can lower cancer risk of the digestive system by up to 32%. Other studies have shown that drinking green tea on a regular basis can also lower the risk of contracting lung, liver, kidney and skin cancers too.

2. Remove Processed Meats from Your Diet
This is one of the best tips to avoid cancer as many believe that it is only since we have started eating processed meats that the number of cancer cases has increased. Research has shown that eating processed meats such as burgers, sausages and ham increases the risk of bowel cancer by over 20% and the risk of other cancers such as stomach, prostate and lung by a significant amount too. Many researches also suggest limiting your salt intake to 6g per day if you want to try and do everything possible to avoid cancer.

3. Stop Binge Drinking
Alcohol has been proven to increase the risk of bowel, liver and breast cancers especially when drunk excessively. In fact, research has shown that for every alcoholic drink you have daily, your risk of breast cancer increases by 2%. So if you have a history of cancer in your family and want to know how to avoid cancer of the bowel, liver or breast, a good place to start is by lowering your alcohol intake.

4. Watch Your Weight
One of the proven ways to prevent cancer is to watch your weight. Just by being slightly overweight, your risk of contracting colon cancer is increased to over 30% and by being obese, this increases even further to 50%. And it’s not only colon cancer you have to worry about. An increase of around three stone in weight during adulthood significantly increases your risk of breast cancer too. Researchers also advise against being underweight as this can also increase your risk of breast cancer. In order to prevent cancer of the colon and breast try and maintain a healthy weight throughout your adult life.

5. Protect Yourself against Sexually Transmitted Diseases
By protecting yourself against sexually transmitted diseases, not only are you lowering your cancer risk, you are also improving your chances of being able to conceive naturally. HPV (the human papilloma virus) has been linked to cervical cancer and researchers suggest that by being vaccinated against it you can prevent cancer of the cervix by up to 70%.

6. Take the Time to Exercise
Daily exercise and cancer prevention go hand in hand. Exercise lowers your weight and it also decreases the hormone levels which makes cancer very hard to grow such as insulin and oestrogen. Researchers suggest doing at least 30-60 minutes of exercise a day to prevent cancer of the breast and bowel.

7. Use Sunscreen
We all know that excessive exposure to the UV rays found in the sun can lead to skin cancer; so it should come as no surprise that using sunscreen is one of the tips to avoid cancer. Although most of us will associate sunburn and skin cancer with sunbathing and fake tan machines it is also very easy to get sunburnt whilst participating in outdoor exercises. If you want to lower your skin cancer risk, use sunscreen.

8. Eat Fruit and Veg
Eating healthily is not only a good way to prevent cancer but it is also good for your personal wellbeing as well. Eating the recommend five portions of fruit and veg a day is a proven cancer prevention technique with superfoods such as broccoli, blueberries and raspberries being hugely effective. Other recommended foods that lower cancer risk include:
• Eggs – Proven to prevent breast cancer by up to 40% when eaten six times a week.
• Milk – Drinking a cup of skimmed milk a day can prevent cancer of the ovaries by up to 40%.
• Dairy products – Eating these is one of the best ways to prevent cancer of the colon and rectum.
• Wholegrains – Proven to prevent cancer of the pancreas (a cancer with a very high fatality rate) by up to 40%.

9. Avoid Traffic Fumes
Recent studies have shown that people who regularly inhale traffic fumes have an increased risk of contracting lung and breast cancer. In order to avoid cancer caused by traffic fumes, try to walk on quieter roads and shut windows and doors if they open out onto a busy road.

10. Clean Your Teeth
Gum disease can increase your chances of contracting mouth cancer and periodontal disease can increase your chances of pancreatic cancer by over 60%. In order to prevent cancer of the mouth and pancreas, ensure you clean your teeth properly twice a day. Your dentist should be able to give you more information and advise you on how to prevent cancer of the mouth.

11. Stop Worrying
Try and stop worrying about how to prevent cancer and other things. Research has shown that worrying about cancer prevention and worrying in general can increase the chance of actually developing a form of cancer by up to 50%. And, the more people worry, the more they turn to things like cigarettes or junk food which can also increase the risk of cancer.

12. Breastfeed
Breastfeeding has been proven to lower cancer risk of both ovarian and breast cancer by 7% for each baby you feed as if you are producing breast milk you are not producing oestrogen which can lead to cancer.

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