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people traveling in an airplane

Although most people pack their bags and hit the road while on holidays, there are often situations when individual need to board a plane or take the train for a long distance work travel. No matter what goal you have, you’ll always need to double your preparations if you’re one of those suffering from a disease. Many people with an illness or health condition face extra worry when it comes to booking a holiday or paying a visit to a remote location. [click to continue…]

child with disability

For people who live with a disability, technological advances and clever gadgets can mean a difference between an independent life filled with opportunity, and a life with limited options. Technology can allow disabled persons to care for themselves, carry out day-to-day tasks, go to work or study and even travel. Here are some key advances in technology that can improve the lives of people living with a disability. [click to continue…]

test during pregnancy

Trisomies might be the most frightening of all birth defects, yet most parents have never heard of them. Today we’ll talk a little about trisomies, as well as three of the most common instances of this genetic defect. [click to continue…]

woman using fitness band

Every year, most people have one common New Year Resolution and that is to stay fit. But a large percentage of us, give up on this goal pretty soon and go back to our lazy ways. Working towards achieving fitness is more about will power than anything else and all we need is a good start which we can capitalize on further. If you are one of those who really would love to remain fit this time around but aren’t able to do so, you can follow the tips and suggestions shared in this article! [click to continue…]

Robin Williams

The title of this article may be a little misleading. There is considerable debate over whether or not it is even possible to completely beat addiction. One school of thought is that even if you never take another drink in your life, once an alcoholic, always an alcoholic. The compulsion never fully goes away. it always remains a constant battle. That is why success is measured in days of sobriety. It is an acknowledgement of the ongoing struggle. It is the struggle that constitutes the victory. [click to continue…]

doctor prescribing drugs

Treating pain with stronger pain relievers can become a serious problem if the individual becomes dependent on or addicted to the narcotic. There’s a fine line between treating pain in a controlled manner, such as after a surgical procedure, and over-using the prescribed pain medications. Once addiction or dependence on a substance begins, the cycle can be very difficult to stop.

Knowing how to effectively cope with and treat pain in addition to warning signs of substance abuse leads to better knowledge of when the line is being crossed, and how to hopefully prevent that from happening. [click to continue…]

generic vs branded drugs

Medical science continues to progress apace and there are now more treatments available than ever before. These days, it’s possible to access effective medicines that can treat everything from headaches to erectile dysfunction and hair loss.

Indeed, the sheer variety of treatments on offer from providers such as Walgreens, Walmart or LloydsPharmacy can be bamboozling. One of the issues that may confuse you is what differences there are, if any, between generic and branded medicines. This brief guide should help to put you in the picture. [click to continue…]

Is Bell’s Palsy Treatable?

bell’s palsy common symptoms

If you experience a sudden paralysis of your face muscles, you are probably suffering from Bell’s Palsy. The loss of face muscle control can be total or partial, resulting in an overall weakness of one side of your face. This symptom is accompanied by a decrease in taste and a sudden drop of saliva secretion and tears production in the affected eye. This is a very unaesthetic condition, so let’s take a look and see how it can be treated. Before that though, do mind that partial face paralysis can be also a symptom of a stroke, which is a fatal health problem! In case of stroke the patient usually experiences loss of sense in one of his limbs and other symptoms, but it’s better not to risk anything and contact your doctor for a proper diagnosis. [click to continue…]

How Long is Impetigo Contagious?

impetigo sores around the mouth

Impetigo is a skin condition caused most often by an infection with the staphylococcus bacteria. Anyone can suffer from this illness, but it’s most frequent in children between the ages of 2 and 7. The condition itself is not very dangerous, but the problem lies in the fact that it’s highly contagious. Impetigo spreads easily and causes increased lack of comfort in suffering patients. Mild cases can heal themselves within weeks, but patients remain contagious until skin sores heal completely. This is why treatment is recommended. It considerably diminishes the period of contagiousness! [click to continue…]

4 Lifestyle Additions For Body Makeover

4 exercising  women

Flawless body is something that everyone desires; and attaining that has become easy nowadays with the advent of numerous slimming strategies, exercises equipment, slimming and shaping cosmetics and many more things. You will already be aware of the innumerable herbal supplements, gyms, fitness equipment, and special diets that come as headlines in the health and fitness industries. I’m not even considering plastic surgeries, because I’m a strong believer that body shaping can and has to occur naturally and still we have a lot of options. The he challenge is to choose the right track for yourself. [click to continue…]