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6 Health Benefits of Warm Showers for Women

woman performing warm shower

Is there anything more relaxing than a warm shower? Feeling the stress practically melt off your body, washing away with the water—it’s a sensation unlike anything else. If you love your warm showers, you’ll be glad to know that they come with amazing health benefits as well! While you might already know a few of them, some of the benefits on this list may surprise you. Read on for 6 health benefits of warm showers for women. [click to continue…]

testing for hgh deficiency

Synthetic human growth hormone is available since 1985 and can be prescribed to children as well as adults. HGH is approved for babies that are born to small for their gestational age. Kids and teenagers receive it in case of abnormal growth patterns that lead to short stature, when compared to the age-by-age growth chart issued by the World Health Organisation. Rare forms of pituitary tumors, which hamper the normal production of HGH, short bowel syndrome and a HIV related disease that causes muscle loss are health conditions that are alleviated with the help of growth hormone prescription. [click to continue…]

How To Help An Elderly Loved One Adjust After A Spouse Dies post image

How do you help an elderly loved one adjust after a long-time spouse dies? That’s not an easy question to answer because every situation is different. However, the first thing you have to do is to help them cope with the shock and the grief that they experience.
According to a study by the Harvard School of Public Health, the first three months are the most critical. “The researchers found that widows and widowers were more likely to die than people whose spouses were still living, on average. The effect was strongest in the first three months after a spouse died, when they had a 66% increased chance of dying.” [click to continue…]

4 Unique Things You Didn’t Know Had Health Benefits post image

We are constantly provided with information on the healthy things we should eat and do. Sometimes the information is straightforward – eating enough vegetables is good for you – and sometimes it can be confusing – exercising is good but not all exercises are beneficial. Then there are the surprises – those unexpected things you might not realise are actually beneficial for your health. Here are four unique things you probably didn’t know had health benefits and if you want to boost your health, consider adopting these as part of your lifestyle. [click to continue…]

crow yoga position

The benefits of yoga have been known ever since the dawn of time and not only does it bring an instant state of well being but it will turn everyone who practices it into a healthier and calmer person in the long run. When one considers the fitness part of the practice, one could not go wrong with taking up yoga as not only does it yield extraordinary benefits, it will also confer everyone who practices it a better overall health as well as more toned muscles and greater resistance to injuries. [click to continue…]

bench dumbbell press

Whenever the topic of building up chest muscles comes into discussion, the thought of exercises including dumbbells and various other weights, that can be easily stored at home, come into mind. But if you aim to increase the mass of your chest muscles, as well as the fiber available on other parts of your body, there are quite a few options that you can follow to succeed. Several home-based chest exercises that are known to provide increased efficiency when performed correctly and on a regular basis. [click to continue…]

Employee Wellness – Is it Safe to Exercise While Sick? post image

With an increased focus on health and fitness in the average workplace, employee wellness and executive health programs are getting more and more popular nowadays. Many such programs are beginning to shift the focus from treating health conditions in the aftermath, to more preventative steps. Preventative actions, like improving health, boosting immunity, and creating a business atmosphere that promotes good physical health – including fitness and nutrition, should be the main objectives. But, is it wise to encourage employees to exercise while sick or should employers caution against it? [click to continue…]

Treatments & Home Remedies To Cure Hemorrhoids Without A Surgery post image

Hemorrhoids, also known as piles, is a condition, where the patient’s vascular structures, or veins, present in the anal canal, become swollen and cause bleeding. These vascular veins are delicately thin and very sensitive, bringing-in rigorous discomforts at the time of inflammation and bleeding. The popular denomination is derived from two Greek words ‘Heamour’ and ‘Rhoid’ which mean ‘Blood and Flowing’. [click to continue…]

7 Simple Rules Of Cleaning For A Healthier You

7 Simple Rules Of Cleaning For A Healthier You post image

It’s everyone goal to live a healthy and long life, that’s no secret. Apart from all the exercise regimes, yoga sessions, eating healthy and sleeping properly, there is something else that can negatively affect your wellbeing. I’m talking about personal hygiene and cleanness of your surroundings, factors which can encourage various health problems, in case you don’t allocate enough time for it. Handling your personal hygiene, comes in most cases as a natural thing, but what about your home, office and other places that you spend time in, daily? [click to continue…]

What is Medical Billing and How To Get Employed!

What is Medical Billing and How To Get Employed! post image

Medical billing is a flourishing profession and a great career opportunity. It’s intended to help insurers and health care specialists to manage the treatment costs of their patients. Medical billers ensure that physicians get compensated for their treatment, and all necessary medical procedures are stated correctly, by acting as a buffer between the health care provider and the insurer. [click to continue…]