When people think of medical devices they usually picture the machines that doctors and hospitals use to detect, diagnose, and treat disease. While those items definitely fit the definition, the truth is that many of us use medical devices in our daily lives. The thermometer, you use to take your temperature, is a medical device, as are the glucose meter and the syringes that a diabetic uses to manage his disease. Eyeglasses, ACE bandages, and even your bathroom scale are also all considered medical devices. (more…)


MS or also labeled as disseminated sclerosis is an autoimmune disease that manifests itself with the inflammation of the inner lining of brain and spinal cord cells, which leads to permanent damage of the central nervous system. The main symptom is located in the damaged area and patients usually complain of numbness or e sensation of tingling. If the weakness is more severe multiple sclerosis leads to paralysis, urinary incontinence. (more…)


7 Food Additives That You Should Avoid

October 17, 2014
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Food is the 2nd most important need for humans, after oxygen. We ingest it several times a day, because it comes with vital nutrients, which give us energy and strength for performing our daily routine. With global population increasing day by day, our stores end up with larger quantities of preserved nourishment. Natural or synthetic [...]

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What Is Osler’s Disease?

October 16, 2014
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The complete name of this condition is Osler-Weber-Rendu disease and it’s a genetic disorder that causes abnormal vein growth. In smaller blood vessels these unhealthy developments are called telangiectases. This is why this condition is also known under the name of Hereditary Hemorrhagic Telangiectasia (HHT). The sufferer develops red spots on the skin, experiences nosebleeds [...]

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Can Syphilis Be Contracted From Lavatory Seats?

October 14, 2014
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Syphilis is a dangerous sexually transmitted disease that can lead to serious health consequences if left untreated. It’s a bacterial infection that unfolds in three stages, if not timely detected. It starts with lumps which develop to ulcers. The second stage brings rashes, accompanied by fever and a general feeling of ill. Ultimately, syphilis can [...]

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15 Popular Herbs and Their Side Effects

October 13, 2014
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Herbs are used in numerous alternative treatments and have hundreds of health benefits. However, it’s equally important to be aware that not all remedies are beneficial for everyone, as there are plenty side effects that you need to take account of. Conventional drugs load your liver with toxins and have plenty side effects, while plants [...]

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Common Causes for Gastritis

October 7, 2014
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Do you have a burning sensation in your stomach, cramps behind your breastbone or acid regurgitation? Don’t overlook these symptoms, because untreated gastritis can lead to ulcer, a much more serious stomach condition. During gastritis the lining of the stomach gets inflamed. The lining is the main protector of the stomach wall, against acid secretions [...]

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How To Cope With Heart Valve Disorder

October 3, 2014
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The human heart has four valves, one for each chamber, divided, equally, in each half of the heart. Blood flows from the atria to the ventricles, whenever the triscupid and mitral valves open. They close when the ventricles are full, so that blood isn’t forced back, while the ventricles contract and force the aortic and [...]

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Thermography – No Radiation Diagnosis

October 2, 2014
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We all know how important a proper diagnose is in the medical field. Basically, it’s the first step made towards healing a disease. Often diagnose procedures like X-rays and CT exams can cause additional harm to the patient, because of the radiation exposure implied by the procedure itself. For example during a CT scan, the [...]

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Is Tylenol Cold Multi-Symptom Safe for Pregnant Women?

October 1, 2014
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When you’re pregnant a cold is the last thing that you wish to experience. Fever, cough and stuffed nose can be really annoying when your body is focusing on growing and nourishing a fetus. However, no matter how much we try to avoid getting ill, during these crucial nine months, it’s almost impossible to stay [...]

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