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Finding Relief for Tinnitus

woman suffering from tinnitus

Tinnitus is usually known as a “ringing” sensation in the ear, but it can also be experienced as a buzzing, humming, hissing or whistling that only the person who has it can hear. This internal noise can vary in its irritation, but it can also be, in rare instances, a symptom of a serious medical problem.
For some people, the noise may come and go and only cause minor irritation. But for other people, it can be continuous and have a greater impact on quality of life, including problems sleeping and difficulty concentrating. [click to continue…]

organized home medicine cabinet

No matter how careful we are or how much we emphasize injury prevention, minor health problems are almost inevitable. This is why everyone should have a well stocked medicine cabinet, just in case trouble arises. Whether you’re treating a bump or scratch your child got while playing, or nursing someone back to health, making sure you have the right products on hand can help you treat the problem much faster. [click to continue…]

Don’t Let Holiday Spending Spoil Your New Year

stressed woman with shopping bags

Holiday overspending is a chronic disease in America and in the majority of the Western world. This isn’t entirely the fault of the people who go over their budgets. It’s easy to blame shoppers for being irresponsible with their resources, but there is a lot more going on than poor funds mananagement. There is a whole cultural component that becomes a part of our psychological and emotional makeup, which basically makes people feel obliged to extra spend on holiday gifts. But what has the shopping spree in common with health? … you might ask. Well read on and find out! [click to continue…]

man typing at a small office

Work eats up at least 8 hours of our daily time, an average of 5 days per week. That’s why a multitude of health problems can arise or start developing at the office or in any other work environment. It makes common sense that, both employers and staff members, have to be conscious about the importance of working in a safe and healthy environment. Companies aren’t only responsible for compensating their staff for services rendered. They’re also required to provide safe and decent working conditions for their employees. When employers don’t take necessary precautions to ensure the security and well being of their members, it can lead to serious workplace injuries and related illnesses. [click to continue…]

The Importance of Checking for Asbestos at Home

man renovating a house

One of the harmful substances that can hide in your home is called asbestos. Contact with this mineral should be avoided at all costs. You absolutely must protect yourself against permanent exposure. If your home was built while asbestos was still legal, there’s a good chance that this substance is present in your house. With the right preparation and prevention, you can avoid coming into contact with it and end up with a potentially fatal disease, like mesothelioma, an aggressive form of lung cancer. [click to continue…]

man applying banana peel on mole

Moles are the most common form of skin lesions, and most people notice them developing on their skin between the ages of 10 and 40. These lesions are usually benign, but they require keen monitoring because some moles have a tendency to develop into melanoma (skin cancer). Moles can be a problem due to both cosmetic and health reasons, so it is important to know about their anatomy, causes, and when to worry about them. [click to continue…]

man shocked by loud sounds

Everyday we’re exposed to all kinds of sounds. You’ll be surprised that many of them can affect our health in a negative way, especially if you’re not aware of it. While many people assume sound-related problems will have an adverse effect on their hearing abilities only, the deficiency ramifies to several other health issues such as, increased level of stress (because of hearing uncertainties) or fatigue episodes, resulting from a poor night’s sleep. Let’s take a look at some of the everyday sounds that could end up causing damage to your health! [click to continue…]

home for people with handicap

Whether for yourself, a family member, or to rent out, making a property accessible for people with disabilities is a delicate task. It’s vital to ensure they can get around and carry on with their day to day activities, with as little difficulty as possible. This should help them accommodate in a happy and safe environment, that can be called home. Some of the changes required to make a house accessible for individuals with handicap are small and temporary, whilst others will be more complex and longer lasting. Further on I will tackle both ends. Whether we refer to the orientation of the building (hotel, home etc.) or the disability level you can cater to a specific person’s needs, or create a more general accessibility. Either way, here’s a guide to help you get started on making your property accessible for persons with handicap. [click to continue…]

professional man who used drugs

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, drug addiction is so prevalent in today’s society that “In 2012, an estimated 23.9 million Americans aged 12 or older – or 9.2 percent of the population – had used an illicit drug or abused a psycho-therapeutic medication (such as a pain reliever, stimulant, or tranquilizer) in the past month.” Although women are not immune to drug addiction, there are more men addicted to alcohol and drugs than women. Unfortunately, professional men are especially prone to denial about their addiction. [click to continue…]

women learning how to massage

Mankind has known about the benefits of massage therapy for thousands of years and the business of massage is growing in leaps and bounds. So, is this a good time to get certification in massage therapy and find work in a spa or work on your own as an independent?

The answer to that is emphatically, yes! Healthcare, it turns out was the only industry in the U.S. economy that proved itself to be recession-proof. While all other industries suffered, healthcare expanded. [click to continue…]