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women learning how to massage

Mankind has known about the benefits of massage therapy for thousands of years and the business of massage is growing in leaps and bounds. So, is this a good time to get certification in massage therapy and find work in a spa or work on your own as an independent?

The answer to that is emphatically, yes! Healthcare, it turns out was the only industry in the U.S. economy that proved itself to be recession-proof. While all other industries suffered, healthcare expanded. [click to continue…]

Tips For Improving Urinary Incontinence

woman having to pee

Urinary incontinence. It affects one in three women, but most of us prefer to ignore it out of fear or embarrassment. Unfortunately, urinary incontinence can make it very difficult to get and stay healthy; after all, who wants to exercise when even the slightest jolt could result in an unfortunate accident. However, urinary incontinence is not something that you should ignore; if left untreated, it could worsen and lead to other complications, including frequent yeast infections. [click to continue…]

second hand treadmills and ellipticals

Treadmills and elliptical machines are the most common and popular workout machinery in the world because they are easy to use, offer a superb training session and are the fastest ways to burn calories and lose weight. Cardio workouts performed with these devices are extremely efficient and don’t strain your body, the way outdoor running or jogging do. If you are someone who wants to purchase an used treadmill or elliptical then you must consider some points which might help you to make a wiser decision. [click to continue…]

couple experiencing conflicts

If you’re reading this then chances are the “honeymoon” stage is over and reality has set in. Now this shouldn’t be misconstrued as a negative, as most relationships will go through periods of conflicts and strife, and simply being married does not make you immune to these occurrences.

There are tons of reasons that you and your spouse could be at each other’s throats lately, from dealing with financial struggles and infidelity, to even simplistic arguments like helping out with chores, there are always going to be things you don’t see eye to eye on. This doesn’t make you any less of a married couple, in fact it makes you – human. [click to continue…]

woman checking medication side effects

If you take any prescribed medications, you may or may not have taken the time to look at the paperwork your pharmacy gave you along with your prescriptions. While it is pretty common for pharmacies to give printed copies of the adverse side effects of medications nowadays, maybe yours doesn’t.

All medications generally have some sort of possible side effects, although not every person that takes the medication will experience those side effects. Even if the individual gets negative symptoms some experience the side effects very lightly and they can pass unnoticed, or very heavily, leading to significant health problems. However, it’s always important to know what they are just in case. [click to continue…]

people traveling in an airplane

Although most people pack their bags and hit the road while on holidays, there are often situations when individual need to board a plane or take the train for a long distance work travel. No matter what goal you have, you’ll always need to double your preparations if you’re one of those suffering from a disease. Many people with an illness or health condition face extra worry when it comes to booking a holiday or paying a visit to a remote location. [click to continue…]

child with disability

For people who live with a disability, technological advances and clever gadgets can mean a difference between an independent life filled with opportunity, and a life with limited options. Technology can allow disabled persons to care for themselves, carry out day-to-day tasks, go to work or study and even travel. Here are some key advances in technology that can improve the lives of people living with a disability. [click to continue…]

test during pregnancy

Trisomies might be the most frightening of all birth defects, yet most parents have never heard of them. Today we’ll talk a little about trisomies, as well as three of the most common instances of this genetic defect. [click to continue…]

woman using fitness band

Every year, most people have one common New Year Resolution and that is to stay fit. But a large percentage of us, give up on this goal pretty soon and go back to our lazy ways. Working towards achieving fitness is more about will power than anything else and all we need is a good start which we can capitalize on further. If you are one of those who really would love to remain fit this time around but aren’t able to do so, you can follow the tips and suggestions shared in this article! [click to continue…]

Robin Williams

The title of this article may be a little misleading. There is considerable debate over whether or not it is even possible to completely beat addiction. One school of thought is that even if you never take another drink in your life, once an alcoholic, always an alcoholic. The compulsion never fully goes away. it always remains a constant battle. That is why success is measured in days of sobriety. It is an acknowledgement of the ongoing struggle. It is the struggle that constitutes the victory. [click to continue…]