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Is Bell’s Palsy Treatable?

bell’s palsy common symptoms

If you experience a sudden paralysis of your face muscles, you are probably suffering from Bell’s Palsy. The loss of face muscle control can be total or partial, resulting in an overall weakness of one side of your face. This symptom is accompanied by a decrease in taste and a sudden drop of saliva secretion and tears production in the affected eye. This is a very unaesthetic condition, so let’s take a look and see how it can be treated. Before that though, do mind that partial face paralysis can be also a symptom of a stroke, which is a fatal health problem! In case of stroke the patient usually experiences loss of sense in one of his limbs and other symptoms, but it’s better not to risk anything and contact your doctor for a proper diagnosis. [click to continue…]

How Long is Impetigo Contagious?

impetigo sores around the mouth

Impetigo is a skin condition caused most often by an infection with the staphylococcus bacteria. Anyone can suffer from this illness, but it’s most frequent in children between the ages of 2 and 7. The condition itself is not very dangerous, but the problem lies in the fact that it’s highly contagious. Impetigo spreads easily and causes increased lack of comfort in suffering patients. Mild cases can heal themselves within weeks, but patients remain contagious until skin sores heal completely. This is why treatment is recommended. It considerably diminishes the period of contagiousness! [click to continue…]

4 Lifestyle Additions For Body Makeover

4 exercising  women

Flawless body is something that everyone desires; and attaining that has become easy nowadays with the advent of numerous slimming strategies, exercises equipment, slimming and shaping cosmetics and many more things. You will already be aware of the innumerable herbal supplements, gyms, fitness equipment, and special diets that come as headlines in the health and fitness industries. I’m not even considering plastic surgeries, because I’m a strong believer that body shaping can and has to occur naturally and still we have a lot of options. The he challenge is to choose the right track for yourself. [click to continue…]

Do I Qualify For a Tummy Tuck?

abdominoplasty surgery steps

To put it simple, if your diet and especially fitness routines have reached a dead end and progress with stomach flattening stagnates, you can remove the excessive and sagging skin around your belly area, with the help of an abdominoplasty. It should be the ultimate retouch that gives your body a perfect sporty aspect. However, there are a few more criterion that you have to meet before you can qualify as a tummy tuck candidate. This plastic surgery has to be your last line of defense against aging and it should be applied only in certain conditions. [click to continue…]

Which Are The Sarcoidosis Causes?

severe sarcoidosis X-ray image

Sarcoidosis is a strange autoimmune diseases that causes tissue inflammation within the affected organs. It commonly occurs in the lungs and lymph nodes but it can develop in various other organs like heart, eyes, brain, liver, spleen and so on. This condition leads to the formation of lumps in the affected areas of your body, which can ultimately alter the shape and functionality of the respiratory, lymphatic and various other systems. [click to continue…]

vegetarian woman with vitamin b12 deficiency

Our body uses red blood cells for the oxidation process, which implies the cycle of transporting oxygen to all our body tissues. Freshly inhaled oxygen is used by our body for burning fats and sugars in order to obtain energy. A waste of this process is carbon dioxide, which is transported by the same red blood cells back to our lungs, where it’s inhaled to complete a respiratory cycle. If we don’t develop enough red blood cells, our body will suffer from lack of oxygenation and symptoms of anemia will start to surface. These vital cells are refreshed every 4 months. They’re produced in the bone marrow with the help of iron, vitamin B12 and acid folic. If one of the ingredients is lacking the health problem that develops is called anemia. In case of vitamin B12 deficiency we talk about pernicious anemia. [click to continue…]

Testicular Torsion Can Lead To Testis Removal

teenager suffering from testicular torsion

Young boys, teenagers and even males up to their 30th birthday can experience the painful occurring of testicular torsion. Yes, your heard this right. As the name suggests, one of the testes rotates in the scrotum. This causes an unhealthy twisting of the blood vessels and sperm channels that attach the testis to the abdomen. The result is restricted blood flow, which prevents further testicle nourishing. The affected testis begins to swell, the scrotum changes color and excruciating pain takes on the sufferer. If immediate medical attention isn’t provided and the blood flow to the testicle is stopped for two long, removal might be the only solution. [click to continue…]

How To Handle Baby Colic

mother comforting her baby suffering from colics

So, your newborn is often irritated and has predictable long episodes of crying sessions? Yes, in this case he’s most likely going through the colic phase of his very early life. However, don’t despair! You must be a first-time parent, that instead of the much expected wonderful moments together with your latest family addition, find yourself in a tricky and frustrating situation, caused by your infant’s digestive problems. You wish to comfort your baby, but nothing seems to help and the ongoing crying is affecting your entire family mood. [click to continue…]

How Safe Is Cataract Surgery?

cataract surgery investigation

When the lens of one or both eyes is clouding and causes blurry vision, it means that the patient is suffering from cataract. This condition is primarily caused by aging, but it can also be triggered by an injury of physical or chemical origin. Certain drugs like corticosteroids or statin medication (reduces cholesterol) are also factors that can induce cataract, as it’s family history or prolonged ultraviolet radiation exposure (sunlight). This health issue can also surface as a symptom of other more serious illnesses like Diabetes and Hypertension. Considering all this, there it’s no wonder that Cataract reparatory surgery is one of the most frequent medical procedures performed in the U.S. [click to continue…]

What Do Pregnant Women Eat?

pregnant woman and her diet

For most women, especially for those that are used to refrain from foods and follow strict diets in order to maintain their silhouette, the nine months of pregnancy are considered a break from all this stress. This doesn’t mean that you can jump the gun and allow yourself excesses. However, pregnant women have to eat for two and although your fetus is tiny, you still need at least an extra of 300 calories a day, compared to your normal diet, in order to properly nourish yourself and your unborn baby. To spill any doubts, let’s take a look at what foods should be included in a pregnancy diet and what’s best to be avoided. [click to continue…]